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Blenders are used to carry out four important kitchen functions, namely, pureeing, crushing, mixing, and emulsifying food. Because of the above, we have at least 7 types of blenders, the first one being the immersion or stick blender, and which are characteristic of handheld sticks and a chopping blade on the other end. Immersion blenders are best for soups and hot liquids.

We then have the nutribullet or the single-serve blenders that retail in different sizes, but with the capacity of making a double-serve drink. The single-serve blenders are best for making smoothies, the incorporated blades can be used to chop up ice, frozen fruits, and nuts. You can also use them to make a quick omelet or pancake batter.

Single-serve blenders are very versatile, most of them are constructed using BPA-free material and can, therefore, be used in the preparation of baby’s food. Next, we have the countertop blenders used in the making of the best drinks, they are powerful and can, therefore, be used to make the difficult to blend treats. We also have portable blenders that are very different from the nutribullet blender, portable blenders are used for making smoothies and shakes on the go.

And you can also use them to make baby food. Commercial blenders are configured to cater to a larger client base and come with a hefty price tag. The stand mixer is also referred to as a blender and are best used for making cake mixes, stand mixers can be used to prepare a myriad of foodstuffs thanks to the different attachments that allow them to be used for different applications.

Lastly, we have the hand mixer that comes with a huge range of attachments and has been determined to be the best for making baked foods and desserts. Hand mixers are not heavy and can be very tiresome to use since you have to hold the button to make them work. Now you understand why buying a blender is not just a matter of walking into a shop and walking out with the color of blender that you want.

The different types of blenders all have different applications, their designs are different, the same goes for the care processes and use. More information about Blenders has been consolidated on Blender Magazine, you will be furnished with information about the different types of blenders, how to use them, and the best care processes.

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