Can You Put Ice in a Ninja Blender?

Can You Put Ice in a Ninja Blender?

If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of questions about how to use your ninja blender. Can you put ice in it? How do you make smoothies? What are the best recipes? This post will answer all of those questions and more! Keep reading to learn all about the amazing things your ninja … Read more

Best Smoothie Bowl Blenders (Updated For 2022)

Best Smoothie Bowl Blenders

Smoothie bowls are the next best thing in healthy eating. You can never go wrong with a fresh smoothie bowl on a summer afternoon. They are refreshing, delicious, and pack a lot of nutritional value. And most importantly, they are soothing and“smooth” (as their name suggests). Our Top 5 Smoothie Bowl Blenders If you want … Read more

Ninja Blender Comparison (Full Reviews And Guide)

Ninja Blender Comparison

If you’re planning on adopting a healthier lifestyle filled with fruits & vegetables, then smoothies are pretty much the first stop in the diet lane. But of course, you’ll need an efficient blender for that. We get it. You have an old blender that slightly gets the job done. However, if you’re planning to crush … Read more

Can You Put Soda in a Blender?

Can You Put Soda in a Blender

A blender is a homeowner’s best friend since it serves many culinary purposes but can you put soda in a blender? Many will argue against it because they believe it is hazardous, while others have no qualms about doing so. If you are thinking of preparing soda and other ingredients in a blender, you will … Read more

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