Best Blender That Crushes Ice (5 Top Picks)

Taking an ice-cold drink during the warm weather can leave you feeling refreshed. If you would like to start making cold smoothies at home, you need to get the best blender that crushes ice

As you start shopping for one, you will realize that not every blender in the market can crush ice. Using one that is not up for the task can easily dull the blades. You can only enjoy tasty drinks that don’t contain any uneven chunks by getting a good blender capable of crushing ice. We will review the best blenders that crush ice to make your search easier. Let’s get started.

Best Blender That Crushes Ice- Comparison Table




Ninja Mega BL770  

Best overall

1500 W

Vitamix A3500  

Excellent build quality


Ninja SS101

Uses advanced technology  

1100 W

Hamilton beach wave crusher

The most popular model



KitchenAid K400  

Best value

1100 W

Best Blender That Crushes Ice – Reviews

Ninja Mega BL770– Best Overall

You can use this blender to make crushed ice for all your favorite frozen drinks and desserts. This is a full-size blender that comes with a 72-ounce pitcher. It, therefore, gives you adequate capacity to crush lots of ice. This blender has an excellent performance when it comes to crushing ice since it delivers snow-like consistency.


  • Main pitcher: 72 ounces
  • Food processor attachment
  • Preset modes: 4
  • Power: 1500 W

Ninja Mega is a sturdy blender that you can rely on for a long time. Besides the main jar, you will also get two extra jars in its packaging. You can use the 16 oz jar to make more textured smoothies. This is a good blender for crushing ice since it comes with sharp blades that can handle the task without struggling.

Ensure you have ample space in your kitchen before choosing this blender since it is large and tall. This is not a portable blender since it is bulky. The main pitcher contains a spout that allows you to serve drinks without leaving a mess on your kitchen countertop. This blender is unique since it can automatically detect the jar you are using.

Apart from its ability to crush ice, this blender also comes with a food processing attachment for preparing dough. It also offers four preset speeds that you can use you make different things. Some of the settings that you will come across on this blender include crush and single-serve.

Cleaning the blender is easy since it contains dishwasher-safe parts and removable blades.  Feel free to clean the blade through the dishwasher. The manufacturer of this model ensures that most of its parts are easily accessible.


  • It is well built
  • Delivers an excellent performance
  • The blender is easy to clean
  • Easy to use


  • Some users find it to be bulky

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Vitamix A3500– Excellent Build Quality

Do you need an ice-crushing blending machine that is versatile? If yes, you should consider the Vitamix A3500. It can help you come up with frozen drinks that contain snow like crushed ice within no time. This is a well-built blender that you can also rely on when it comes to processing hot ingredients.


  • Power: 1640 W
  • Pitcher: 64 oz
  • Tamper

This is an easy-to-use blender that comes with a speed dial.  Many people consider it the best blender that crushes ice since it delivers smooth and consistent results. This blender contains a 64-ounce pitcher that can help you fulfill your needs. Feel free to put this pitcher in the dishwasher after use.

You can use the different modes and presets on its control panel. One feature that makes this blender stand out is its Bluetooth compatibility. The manufacturer uses premium materials in its making to enhance durability. This large blender may be a bit hard to move around.

Unfortunately, this blender does not include extra jars that come in different sizes. Despite this, it has four sharp blades that can crush through tough ingredients. Though you cannot remove these blades, you can wash them using the dishwasher.

Since this blender also comes with a long power cord, it can reach most outlets around the kitchen. Feel free to store away the power cord of this blender when you are done using it. The package includes a tamper that you can use to push most of the ingredients you use towards the blade for better results.

This can prevent your frozen drinks from containing any remnants after blending. You will also get a manual that can guide you while using this blender and a cookbook that can help you learn how to prepare different frozen beverages.


  • It crushes ice well
  • Well-built blender
  • Versatile performance
  • It is Bluetooth-compatible


  • It does not include extra jars

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Ninja SS101– Uses Advanced Technology

This is a good personal blender that crushes ice with excellent consistency in less than two minutes. It comes with two 24 ounce jars and one 14 ounce jar with lids. You can use the small jar to make single-serve frozen drinks.

The blender is made up of rotating arms that can push the ingredients away from the walls and into the vortex. This is a multipurpose blender that can also use to make spreadable almond butter.


  • Jars: 3
  • Rotating arm mechanism
  • Blades: 8
  • Power: 1100 W

This is the best blender that crushes ice since it utilizes smart torque technology. It is equipped with a powerful motor that can power through even heavy loads without struggling. You don’t have to keep on shaking or stirring the mixture to get the desired texture.

Unlike the first two models, Ninja SS101 is a short blender that will not take up so much space on your kitchen countertop. The jars of this model are thick and, therefore, will not break easily. They also contain markings that can help you measure your ingredients well before blending.

Feel free to clean the jars of this blender using a dishwasher. This blender works well since it comes with sharp, thick blades that can crush anything. Though you cannot remove its blades, you can wash them through the dishwasher.

The blender also includes a long power cable that increases convenience in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this model does not include an extra compartment that you can use to store the power cord after use.

It has buttons for the 14-ounce and 24-ounce jar. These buttons act as a timer rather than controlling the blender’s speed. Some of the settings available in this blender include smoothie, spread, and bowl. Feel free to use the stop/start button to achieve continuous blending.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Contains extra jars
  • Creates snow like crushed ice


  • It is loud

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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher– The Most Popular Model

If you are not searching for a blender for the first time, you have probably heard about or come across this model. It is a well-known blender that can help you crush ice easily.  This works well due to the inclusion of patented Sabre blades specifically designed for this purpose. Apart from that, the Hamilton beach wave crusher contains a 700 W motor.


  • Patented Sabre blades
  • Motor: 700 W
  • Durable glass jar
  • Wave action

You can also use this blender to chop, mix, and whip different ingredients. It comes with easy-to-use buttons that can help you get the desired function. If you wish to make any adjustments, feel free to use the high or low pulse buttons.

This is the best blender that crushes ice since it is designed with wave action. The mechanism ensures that the mixture is continuously being pulled towards the blade. You don’t have to keep on checking how the blender is working as you blend different ingredients.

The blender is also a durable model that contains a glass jar. Since its jar is thermal shock tested, you can use this blender to make anything without the risk of damaging it. Hamilton beach waver crusher also comes at a reasonable price. If you choose this model, expect a 3-year warranty for it.


  • The wave action can pull food down
  • It can give you value for your cash
  • Powerful motor
  • High-quality glass jar


  • Some customers are not impressed with the pouring spout

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KitchenAid K400Best Value

If you need a user-friendly blender for crushing ice, you should pay attention to this model. It comes with three built-in programs that you can use to crush ice and make icy drinks.  One thing that makes it deliver an excellent performance is its motor. The blender is equipped with 1100W motor that allows it to blast through the ice.


  • Power: 1100 W
  • Programs: 3
  • Blade system: Stainless steel blades

This is also a durable blender for crushing ice that comes with patented steel blades. The manufacturer designs the blades such that they can pull the ingredients to give you even results. This blender can also sense the ingredients you put in the jar and set the right speed to power through the contents.

It contains pre-programmed settings and has a dial on the front part. You can easily adjust the variable speeds of this blender. Unlike regular models, this blender also contains a pulse function that can give you more control as you crush ice and blend different ingredients.

Due to a soft start feature, the motor begins at a slower speed to pull most of the contents towards the blade then increases the speed. You can make individual servings with this blender since it comes with a 56-ounce jar. Cleaning it is easy since it includes a self-cleaning cycle option. Feel free to choose this blender from a variety of colors.


  • Has Intelli-speed motor control
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable and sharp blades
  • Large capacity


  • Some users are not impressed with the noise it produces

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How to Find the Best Blender That Crushes Ice

For you to crush ice, you need to get a countertop blender. Finding the best blender that can manage this is not easy, considering the many models available in the market. You have to consider the most crucial factors to get an ideal model. Pay attention to the following.


Ensure you get a blender that has a powerful motor. The best blender for this purpose should work at wattage of at least 600W. Though certain low-powered blenders can crush ice, they cannot do this very well.

Ease of use

To enjoy crushing ice, you need to get a user-friendly one. Compare the settings that blenders for crushing ice come with so that you can identify one that will not give you challenges during use. Reading through other customer reviews can also help you identify a beginner-friendly model.


Would you like to make lots of crushed ice? If yes, you should choose a model that offers enough capacity for this. Choose a blender that comes with a big jar. Such a blender can also help you crush bulky and big ice. As you compare the sizes of jars, you should also consider the size of your family.

Pulsing function

The best blender for crushing ice contains a pulsing function. You should choose one that contains this function since it helps move the contents in the jar to ensure that everything reaches the blades for smooth results.


How can I tell if a blender can crush ice?

Check the blender’s wattage. If it has a motor of above 600W, it can crush ice.

Can an immersion blender crush ice?

No. This blender cannot help you crush ice.


Adding ice to your favorite beverages can make them tastier. Getting the best blender that crushes ice can help you enjoy making frozen drinks at any time from home. We have reviewed the best models that you can check out. Apart from comparing them, consider the factors we have also highlighted before purchasing.

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