Best Blender With Glass Pitcher (Easy To Clean)

Do you want to upgrade your current blender? If yes, you should look for the best blender with glass pitcher.

Blending machines come with either a glass or plastic jar. A glass pitcher is better since it not only looks good but does not scratch or stain easily. Unlike a plastic pitcher, a glass one does not retain odors after blending. Therefore, choosing a blender with a glass pitcher is better.

Finding the best is not that easy since there are numerous models available out there. We can, however, simplify your search by discussing some of the top-rated blenders with glass pitchers. Read on!

Best Blender With Glass Pitcher – Comparison Table

Best for
Pitcher Capacity

Ninja HB152

Best overall

64 oz

Cuisinart BFP-703BC

Best value

48 oz.

Braun JB7350 PureMix

Best for soup

56 oz.

Waring commercial bar blender

The durable model

40 oz.

Instant ace plus cooking blender

Best for heating and blending foods

54 oz.

Best Blender With Glass Pitcher Reviews

Ninja HB152– Best Overall

If you are a need of a powerful blender that comes with a glass pitcher, you should consider this model. Since this blender is equipped with a 1400W motor, it can help you blend even tough ingredients, including ice and nuts. This Ninja food blender has a glass jar that is BPA-free. It is, therefore, safe to use.


  • Motor: 1400W
  • Pitcher capacity: 56 ounces
  • Temperature control settings

The glass pitcher has a large capacity to help you prepare large batches of smoothies at a go. This can hold 56 ounces of liquid. The pitcher is made from nonstick glass. It can handle different temperatures without the risk of breaking.

You can also use it to make smooth soups in a few seconds. This blender includes temperature control settings that make it ideal for cooking a meal. It also contains 12 auto IQ programs that make it a superior model. These programs utilize automated patterns of pausing and pulsing to deliver the final product in the desired consistency.

The manufacturer also includes a tamper that you can use to push chunks of ingredients into its blades to achieve smooth blends with no remnants. Cleaning this blender is easy since it has a brush that can easily reach around the blades.

It also features a heated cleaning mode that works as expected.  The packaging even includes a recipe book that you can use to learn how to blend different recipes.


  • It comes with a nonstick glass
  • Has a strong motor
  • It can cook a meal
  • Includes a cleaning brush


  • Some users don’t like the heavyweight of this blender.

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Cuisinart BFP-703BC– Best Value

Investing in this versatile blender can give you value for your cash. This blender comes with a glass pitcher and a food processor attachment that you use to prepare more meals. It also comes with a function that you can use to crush ice.


  • Ice crushing function
  • Capacity: 48 ounce
  • Food processor attachment
  • Motor: 500W

This is the best blender with glass pitcher since it offers the adequate capacity to blend lots of ingredients at a go. You should also expect different pre-programmed settings in this blender. The housing of this blender is made using durable die-cast metal.

The blender is also easy to use since it comes with touchpad controls as well as LED indicators. This model is also equipped with a sharp stainless steel blade that enables it to crush through tough ingredients. The fixed blade system is also easy to wash.

Since this blender is also made with BPA-free components, it is safe to use. It also comes with a removable measuring cap which is about 2 ounces. If you choose this smart power duet blending machine, your purchase will be accompanied by a 3-year warranty.

You can also save some cash when you choose this model since it comes at an affordable cost. Though the motor is less powerful compared to some of its competitors, it is a good entry-level blender.



  • Some users don’t like the loud noise it produces

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Braun JB7350 PureMix– Best For Soup

Braun is well known for producing quality blenders. If you need one that contains a glass pitcher from this manufacturer, you should consider this model. Since this blender comes in a unique design, it can complement your kitchen décor. It has a thermal-resistant glass pitcher.


  • Motor power: 1000W
  • Pitcher capacity: 56 oz
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Speeds: 3

It not only has a glass pitcher but also contains touch screen buttons that make it easy to operate. Braun JB7350 has a solid bottom that prevents it from tipping over your kitchen counter. You can use this blender to prepare liquid smoothies or even crush ice, thanks to the inclusion of numerous settings.

The blender can help you come up with very smooth purees and smoothies. Since it contains a pulse action feature, it enables you to control the consistency of your recipes. It also comes with quality metal blades that you can rely on for a long time without experiencing any issues. The components of this blender lock tightly and do not feel flimsy in your hands.

Since this blending appliance is well sealed, you will not experience any leakages during use. This blender also comes with easy-to-clean components. You don’t have to prepare this blending machine for use. If you need a blender with glass pitcher that works silently, you should go for this model.

Its power drive contains a rubber coating that minimizes sound during blender. You can therefore use the kitchen appliance without interrupting anyone. You can even use it to prepare your child’s meal as they take a nap.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It comes in an impressive design
  • Large capacity
  • Solid construction
  • Operates at low noise levels


  • The package does not include extra accessories

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Waring commercial bar blender– The Durable Model

The best blender with glass pitcher should come with removable parts that make it easy to clean. That is what you should expect by investing in Waring commercial blender. Since this comes with dishwasher-safe parts, it minimizes your time in the kitchen cleaning after use.


  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Pitcher capacity: 40 oz.
  • BPA free parts
  • Toggle switch

Apart from that, its glass pitcher contains easy-to-read markings. You can utilize the markings to measure ingredients when preparing different recipes. This blender also contains low and high speeds that you can pick from when pureeing or chopping ingredients to come up with a good final product.

Though this blender has a glass pitcher, it is not as heavy as other models. It is made with BPA-free components that enhance safety during use. You can also rely on this blending machine for years since it is built to last. The manufacturer uses metal and glass in its construction to enhance durability.

This blender also contains a powerful motor that enables it to work on any ingredients without struggling. It has a toggle switch found on the front part of the base that makes it easy to use. Since the glass pitcher does not offer a very large capacity, it is more suitable for small blending tasks.

Its die-cast housing enhances stability during blending. Unlike blenders that make so much noise during use, Waring commercial operates silently. Once you choose this model, your purchase will come with a two-year warranty. In case anything happens to this blender during this period, the manufacturer can help you fix it at no additional cost.


  • It is dishwasher safe
  • The blender has BPA free parts
  • It is built to last
  • Works silently
  • It has a powerful motor


  • Its lid has a plastic cap that tends to break easily

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Instant Ace Plus Cooking Blender-Best for Heating and Blending Foods

Choosing the best blender with glass pitcher can minimize the time you spend cleaning it. Instant Ace plus cooking blender is a good model that is worth considering. It stands out among regular models since it includes a heating element. This can help you heat food while blender. The appliance is therefore great for recipes like soups.


  • Motor: 1300W
  • Heating element
  • Preprogrammed settings
  • Blades: Stainless steel

It comes with a BPA-free glass jar that makes it safe to use even when making baby food. This model also contains a 1300W motor that makes it powerful enough to handle any blending task.

This blender is also easy to use since it contains different preprogrammed settings that you can use for different blending jobs. You can even use one of the settings to crush ice. Unlike other models, this blender includes a strainer bag that can come in handy when making soy, oat, or nut milk.

Instant ace blender can grind and crush ingredients within a few minutes since it is designed with stainless steel blades. It is also equipped with 10-in-1 touch buttons that you can use to prepare margaritas and salsa.

Use the available tamper to push the ingredients down to the blades. This can ensure that the final product does not contain any remnants. The packaging of this blender also includes other useful accessories such as a cleaning brush and measuring cup. Unfortunately, this is not a very portable blender with glass pitcher since it is heavyweight.


  • It comes with different accessories
  • It contains a heating element
  • Powerful motor
  • It has user-friendly touch buttons


  • Some users don’t like its heavyweight

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How to Find the Best Blender with Glass Pitcher

Not everybody likes the look of blenders with plastic pitchers. This material tends to stain easily and leaves some odor on the machine. You can avoid such by choosing a blender with a glass jar.  For you to choose the best blender that comes with a glass pitcher, you should pay attention to the following.

Glass type

Manufacturers of such blenders use different types of glass in their making. Before choosing any model, you should first find out the type of glass it uses since some are more long-lasting than others.

Paying attention to the description of blenders with glass pitchers can help you identify one that can resist thermal shock. You can go for one made using shatterproof or tampered glass.

Motor power

Apart from the glass pitcher, you should also go for a blender that comes with a powerful motor. You should choose one whose motor has more watts and is capable of spinning the blades fast. A high-wattage blender can help you make very smooth products, including soup, nut butter, and drinks.


The best blender should also come with different settings that you can pick from. Choose a model that has preprogrammed settings like functions designed for crushing tough ingredients such as nuts. You can also choose one that offers manual speed settings since it can give you more control. Confirm that the blender you pick has a pulse function to achieve a precise blend texture.

Jar capacity

Focusing on the size of the glass pitcher can help you assess how many ingredients you can blend at a go. If you wish to blend drinks for a big family, you should choose a blender that has a large glass pitcher. This can give you enough space to blend enough smoothies at once.


Why should I buy a blender?

This can help you eat healthy since you can make a lot of nutritious recipes using it.

Can a blender with glass pitcher blend hot soup?

Not all of the models. Only the blenders with a heating function can achieve this.


Choosing the best blender with glass pitcher does not have to be complicated. Take your time to compare the models that we have discussed to identify an ideal option. Enjoy your blending sessions.

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