5 Best Cordless Blenders (Tried And Tested)

Having a blender as you go on vacation or a picnic can help you continue making your favorite smoothies or shakes while away from home. You can achieve this with the best cordless blender.

A cordless blender does not depend on the electric power source for it to work. Such a blender is designed to draw power from in-built batteries. You can charge it using a car charger, computer, or power bank. Most cordless blenders are portable battery-powered machines.

If you are always on the move, you should consider getting this type of blender. You can even use it at the office or the gym after a workout. Finding the best model is challenging considering all the different models available out there. We will discuss the best cordless blending machines that you should check out. Read on!

Best Cordless Blender – Comparison Table

Best feature



Popbabies personal blender  

The durable blender

1.9 pounds

OBERLY blender

The budget-friendly cordless blender

1.3 pounds

BlenderX cordless blender

The user-friendly model

4.3 pounds  

Chefavor 3 in 1 cordless personal blender  

Ideal for hot liquids

2.05 pounds

Mimill mini blender  

The lightest cordless blender

1.15 pounds

Best Cordless Blender Reviews

Popbabies Personal Blender -The Durable Blender

Choosing a cordless blender that does not get damaged or break easily can give you peace of mind. If you are looking for such, you should consider Popbabies personal blender. This is a portable blender that you can bring with you anywhere.


  • Container: 12 oz
  • Battery: 5200mah
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs.

It is also durable since it comes with a Tritan container. The plastic does not shatter easily and is also easy to clean. You can even clean it through the dishwasher. This cordless blender also contains an additional cup lid.

Most users also like the modern design that Popbabies personal blender comes in. It is also easy to use since you only need to touch the available button to begin the blending process. Popbabies cordless blender uses a 5200mah lithium battery that takes 3-4 hours to recharge. Feel free to use a power bank to charge this cordless blender while on the move.

This is the best cordless blender that can help you crush coffee and ice. Since it comes with a waterproof design, it is easy to clean.  Unlike most blenders, Popbabies personal blender stands out since it operates at low noise levels. You can blend with it even in the office or school without disturbing anyone.

Though this is not the cheapest cordless blender, it can give you a good blending experience. Once you get this appliance, ensure that you wash out the remaining ingredients in the jar before they harden on the blades so that you don’t have a hard time cleaning it after some time.


  • It is easy to use
  • Works quietly
  • It is solidly built


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OBERLY blenderThe Budget-friendly Cordless Blender

If you need a good-looking cordless blender that you can bring with you camping, you should consider this model. You can use it to prepare shakes for your kids while on the go since it is safe to use. Its cup is made with BPA-free plastic. This cordless blender does a great job of crushing hard ingredients such as stems and seeds. You can even utilize this blending machine to crush frozen fruits and ice.


  • BPA free plastic
  • Cup capacity: 17 oz
  • Blades: 3D stainless steel
  • Ice tray
  • Indicator

This is among the most powerful cordless blenders since it comes with stainless steel 3D blades and a good motor. Using it is also easy since it features a single-button operation. The included ice tray enables it to deliver perfectly sized cubes.

The manufacturer of this cordless blender also promotes safety further by including a feature that can prevent it from starting when the assembly is incorrect. This can prevent the cordless blender from getting damaged easily.

This is the best cordless blender since it comes with a red light indicator that flashes every time it needs charging. The light also flashes when some of the ingredients block the blades. Since this cordless blender comes in a compact size, it is lightweight and great for carrying in a bag. Ensure that you cut your ingredients into small pieces so that they don’t get stuck between the blades.


  • Affordable price
  • It has a red light indicator
  • You can charge its battery via a USB port


  • Some preparation is needed before you start blending.

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BlenderX Cordless BlenderThe User-friendly Model

Most people choose this cordless blender since it is easy to use. It comes with beginner-friendly controls that you can learn to operate in seconds. Though most cordless blenders are lightweight, BlenderX is an exception. This heavy blender comes with a larger motor compared to its competitors. You can still carry it in a traveling case.


  • Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • BPA free
  • Warranty: 2 years

To start using this blender, you should fill it with the ingredients you would like to blend, and then lock it in place. You can then press the button at the front for the blending process to begin. Since the cordless blender has a handy lid, feel free to drink shakes or smoothies right from its jar. This makes it suitable for travel.

You can recharge the built-in battery of this model using a regular charger. It takes about 3 hours for it to recharge fully. Once it is fully charging, BlenderX can last to 30 uses without needing a recharge. If you need to use it while it is charging, you can do this without limitations.

This powerful cordless blender can help you crush even ice without difficulties. It can also grind coffee beans and chop nuts with ease. Since this cordless blender is compact, it will not occupy a lot of space in your traveling case. The blender is also safe to use since it is made using BPA-free plastic. The manufacturer accompanies it with a two-year warranty that can come in handy if you experience issues within this period.


  • It is portable
  • The cordless blender has user-friendly controls
  • You can use it to blend while it is charging


  • Some users report issues with the motor

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Mimill Mini BlenderThe Lightest Cordless Blender

Though this is a small cordless blender, you should not underestimate it since it has lots of features that make it quite useful. Mimill cordless mini blender has a reliable motor and stainless steel blades.


  • Blades: Stainless steel
  • Battery: 2000mAH
  • Shock absorber

It contains a built-in battery that can hold a power of 2000mAH. This is a user-friendly cordless blender that anyone can utilize. Since this is a very light cordless blender, it can fulfill your blending needs even when you are away from home. Cleaning this blender is also easy since the packaging includes a brush.

The brush is well shaped to reach every corner of the jar. With this cordless blender, you don’t have to worry about leaving behind any debris after using and cleaning it. This cordless blender can also give you service for a long time since it is designed with a shock absorber.

This can prevent the motor from getting damaged while on the move. The motor of this blender is also made from pure copper, which is long-lasting.


  • It is affordable
  • The packaging includes a cleaning brush
  • It is lightweight


  • Getting replacement parts is difficult

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Chefavor 3 in 1 Cordless Blender – Ideal for Hot Liquids

Whether you prefer blending fruits, vegetables, or crushing ice, you can achieve this through this cordless blender. Chefavor is a 3 in 1 blender that draws power from lithium batteries. You can recharge this cordless blender using a USB port on a power source, USB hub, or power bank.


  • Boroglass cup
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • LED display
  • Auto-shutoff

This blender can work on tough ingredients due to the inclusion of 6 sharp blades. It comes with a Boroglass cup that can hold up to 13 oz of blended drinks. Since the cup’s material is robust, it will not break or shatter after some time. Since the blender weighs only 2 lbs., it is not very heavy to carry along when going on an outdoor adventure.

The best cordless blender should be easy to use. That is what you can enjoy by choosing Chefavor personal blending machine. You only need to get the ingredients you would like to blend into the cup then rotate it tightly into the base before pressing the on button. This blender can only work if the assembly is correct.

The manufacturer of this blender promotes safety by including an auto-shutoff feature. This shuts off the blender automatically after 40 seconds if there is not enough liquid in it. Unlike most portable cordless blenders, this model can handle even hot liquids.

This is a versatile cordless blender that you can even use to charge your phone while on the move. Chefavor also has a battery display that can help you figure out how much charge is remaining so that you are not caught off-guard. If you choose this model, you should expect to pay a higher price compared to most of its competitors.


  • It handles both hot and cold liquids
  • The blender comes in a long-lasting and safe container
  • It is easy to use


  • Exposed blades

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How to Find The Best Cordless Blender

Getting a cordless blender allows you to prepare different recipes from any location. Such a blender is often light and compact. To find the right cordless blender, you should pay attention to the following.

Your needs

Assess what you would like to blend before choosing a cordless blender. Such blenders come with small cups or jars that make them suited for single servings. If you want to make soft foods, shakes, or smoothies on the go, you can choose a cordless blender. Note that not every cordless model can help you crush hard ingredients such as nuts or ice.

A power source

We mentioned that most cordless blenders come with built-in rechargeable batteries. Before investing in a cordless blender, you should first assess whether you have a power source. If, for instance, you have a power bank, USB hub, laptop, or computer, you can use it to connect the cordless blender during charging. Go for a cordless blender that has a USB cable.

Power charge duration

Considering this can help you identify the best cordless blender. A good one should last for long after recharging it. Go for a model that can give you at least ten blends after charging it fully. You may also come across models that specify the duration in terms of days.

Material and blade design

You should also choose a cordless blender that comes with stainless steel blades. This is a durable material that will not promote bacteria growth after some time. Choosing a blender with removable blades can also make cleaning easy.


You should also go for a cordless blender that is compact and lightweight. Such a blender can enhance portability so that you don’t have to leave it behind every time you are traveling. Most cordless blenders have a weight range of between 1.5 and 5 lbs.


What kind of material is used to make the cups of most cordless blenders?

Most manufacturers use Boroglass or Tritan plastic to make these cups. Ensure you choose a blender made from BPA-free materials.

Do cordless blenders have accessories?

Most of them don’t. You may, however, come across a few models that contain an ice tray.


Cordless blenders are more convenient than corded ones. They are cheap and quite effective at making smoothies and shakes. If you would like to start making smoothies while on the move, you should get the best cordless blender. Compare the models above and pick the one you like the most.

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