Best Cordless Immersion Blender (Updated For 2022)

Immersion blenders are quite versatile with their motor on one end and blades on the other. The blenders give you the ability to prepare soups and purees directly from your bowl without the need of blending and pouring contents like in other blenders. The best part is that they are cordless hence you do not need to worry about entangled cords during operation.

However, since they are battery powered you will need frequent charging to get the job done. Identifying the right immersion blender can be quite challenging with so many brands available in the market. In this review, we have done the research for you to present to you the best cordless immersion blenders in the market.

Best cordless immersion blender – Comparison Table

Unique Feature

Multiple colors

20 minutes

Quickly purees soup

225 watt motor

Built-in safety feature

300 watt

Adjustable blade height

500 watt

Reviews of the Best cordless immersion blender

KitchenAid KHBBV83VB cordless – Best Multiple color blender

KitchenAid has been on the forefront in supplying cordless handheld blenders for years. This means you have a wide variety of units to choose from. For this model you have a blender that is operated by a lithium ion battery that is fully recharged for 2 hours and will give you 20 minutes of charge. This is enough time for you to make your favorite triple berry smoothie.

The immersion blender comes with battery indicator light signals that inform you of remaining charge. It is easy to clean and also comes with a removable 8” blending arm with 4-point stainless steel blade. This is ideal for blending of milk shakes, smoothies, hummus, and soups. You also get a whisk attachment for quickly whipping egg whites. The KitchenAid blender has variable speed trigger so that you have greater flexibility in preparing receipes.

What we liked:

  • Removable pan guard
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lithium ion battery when fully charged gives you 20 minutes

What we did not like:

  • The charge is small


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Hamilton Beach 59765 Immersion handheld blender – Best for making puree soups

The Hamilton immersion blender allows you to mix, blend, puree, whip, and chop. It is 2- speed and this ensures you get a variety of textures. The blender comes with 3 attachments that fit the power stick – you have a stainless steel whisk attachment, power stick, 3 cup chopping bowl.

With the immersion handheld blender you only need to blend inside the bowl instead of outside of it. This makes it quite convenient and saves on time. It is also quite easy to clean with the attachments being dishwasher safe. The Hamilton is powered by a 225 watt motor. This gives you enough power to blend a pot of soup in under 90 seconds.

When compared to other immersion blenders this one has a short shaft at 5 inches. This makes it quite ideal for small batch blending but may pose challenges should you have a large container.

What we liked:

  • Affordable
  • Quickly purees soup
  • Whisk attachment

What we did not like:

  • For long periods it can be tiring to operate


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Cuisinart CSB-179 – Best built-in safety feature

The Cuisinart comes with 300 watts of power that is delivered via a quiet DC motor. For operation you have a long 8” stainless steel blending shaft that is capable of being submersed into various bowls irrespective of the size. The handle is quite comfortable to hold on to and there is a push button control for continuous pulse action. Included is a variable speed slide control.

With the Cuisinart speed control you are able to move from low to high speed hence be able to make puree soup quickly without making a big mess of your kitchen. The 300 watt motor will give you enough power to blend soup for around 60 seconds but it may not work that well for blending smoothies as you may find yourself being left with huge chunks of ice and fruit.

The immersion blender also comes with a safety feature that you activate by pressing the unlock button. The grip on the handle is firm and easy to use. Included in the purchase is a food processor, mixing jar, and whish attachment. The components are dishwasher safe and this makes them easy to clean. However, not the blending attachment is not so you need to be extra careful with it during the cleaning process.

What we liked:

What we did not like:

  • The controls are at the top which makes it a bit harder to operate


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Braun MQ7035X 3-in-1 Immersion handheld blender – Best variable speed blender

The Braun leaves the results of the blending process to you as it does not come with predefined speed settings. This means you use your intuition to decide whether to gently push or roughly chop the ingredients. You do this by pressing the increase button. The immersion blender comes with a special ACTIVEBlade technology that incorporates a flexible shaft that helps the blade move up and down (the blades height is adjusted depending on the height of the food you are blending). This results in you increasing the active cutting surface by up to 250%.

The Braun can be used even on the hardest ingredients courtesy of its 500-watt motor. It also comes with an advanced SPLASH control technology that helps deliver amazing results while preventing splashing. The unit has 25% less suction for perfect control and effortless handling. You can get more power via its extra milling blade that gives you more slices per rotation. This helps cut through hard ingredients. You can easily switch your attachments at a click.

The blender comes with a narrow bell-shaped blade guard that has no vents and this means you do not have to stop the blending process so that you can remove foods. The Braun comes with dishwasher safe mixing jar, whisk attachment and food processor.

What we liked:

  • All its four adjustments are dishwasher safe
  • Adjustable blade height
  • Brings splashing under control

What we did not like:

  • The blade attachment collects water and must be dried frequently


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Buying Guide for the Best cordless immersion blender

Immersion handheld blenders give you the flexibility of blending on one bowl. They also tend to be battery powered. This makes them highly portable and they do a good job of making purees and soups. They can also tackle small jobs like making salad dressings and whipping creams. Most of the immersion blenders will come with switchable attachments that you can use whenever you are working with a variety of ingredients. However, choosing the right handheld blender is not that straightforward with so many brands in the market. Here are some key factors to consider when purchasing an immersion blender.

Handle grip

With an immersion handheld blender you will need to grip the blender with one hand and press the on/off button or in other cases the speed buttons with your other fingers. This means you need a blender with a good grip so that your hand does not keep slipping. If the handle is to big then it is going to cause fatigue to your hands while if it is too small it is going to become awkward to operate. The buttons should be within your reach while also becoming easy to press. For the best handles, look for those with non-slip rubber surfaces.

Blade guard

If you have a closer look at immersion handheld blenders you will notice that there is a dome shaped guard that covers the blades. Wider guards are recommended as they do a better job of circulating food and this ensures more efficient blending. Should any food get stuck in the blades you discover they are easier to clean. The problem is that some of the guards may not necessarily fit into smaller bowls and cups.


The immersion blender can either be cordless or corded. Corded blenders offer the benefit of constant electric power but they come with the disadvantage of being easily entangled or burned. Cordless blenders offer you great versatility as you can carry them around but they are lithium-ion powered and this means you need to constantly charge them. They also do not keep charge for a long time hence the constant recharging. Corded blenders will often give you 15 to 20 minutes of charge which can quite limited when you have plenty of blending work. This limits you blending to soft foods like smoothies or soups. If you are preparing a large meal then cordless immersion blenders may not be your first choice as you will need constant charging. Lithium ion batteries with an average voltage of 7 to 10 volts power most of the cordless immersion blenders. Depending on the model you will have some with multiple batteries or one with a single battery.


Most of the immersion blenders are two speed with some having a variable speed control that increases the blending depending on how hard you press the blend process. You should note that the higher the speed you are blending the more you drain your battery.


It is important you consider the overall design of the blender. This means you should look for something that easily fits your kitchen drawers. The model should be easy to clean and operate. In some models you will find some or all parts of the blender being dishwasher safe. You should also check the length of the blending shaft. Longer shafts are recommended as they allow for deeper blending. You can also choose one with multiple colors.


For the better part most of the immersion handheld blenders have motors capable of 225 to 600 watts. However, depending on factors like innovation, and model you may find blenders having lower wattage part being very efficient and powerful.


Blenders from different brands will come with a host of accessories like for processing, chopping, frothing, and whishing. The more the appliances the better it is for you as you save on the purchasing separate equipment. You can have other extras like cookbooks.


It is equally important to check the warranty for any electrical appliance. This is because breakages and malfunctions are quite common. A good warranty means you are covered for any defaults. If you are purchasing the blender online ensure you are making your purchase from a reputable brand that offers you a money back guarantee. One of the best known manufacturers for immersion blenders is KitchenAid. You also have Toogle with is a less known brand with a reputation for reliable and durable products. When it comes to personal brands you should go over customer reviews to find out what other customers are saying in regards to the brand and products. This will help you to make an informed decision.


Do immersion handled blenders come with cords or are they cordless?

You can have both, the benefits of the cords is that you have a constant supply of power while the cordless one give you more versatility and portability. But they come with the downside of requiring constant recharge.

Can I use my immersion handheld blender for cutting through nuts?

The blenders may not work well with hard ingredients like nuts or fibrous ones like kales. But, they work great for small blending jobs like dips, pesto, whipped cream, soups and making mayonnaise.


Immersion handheld blenders offer you the benefits of great portability with the flexibility to blend a variety of foods. The blenders are immersed into a bowl and you do not need to use separate bowls for the blending process. Immersion blenders can either be cordless or come with cords. The cordless ones are the most common due to their portability but come with the downside of requiring constant charge.

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