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Blenders are known to be noisy. However, there are certain blenders in the market that are quieter than others. With this you do not have to worry about waking the baby with the noise you are making. These blenders are capable of noise levels of less than 30 decibels.

The blender has grown over the years to become an essential kitchen appliance. With it you are able to create smoothies, soups for dinner and frozen treats for dessert. Many blender companies have spent a lot of time in research to make blenders quiet. Here are some top quiet blenders in the market.

Best quiet blender – Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best quiet blender

CRANDDI Soundproof Blender – Best Overall Quiet blender

The CRANDDI is designed with a thickened shield cover that is there to reduce blender noise. The shield does not affect your blending in any way but it does make the process less noisy. The blender is powered by a 2200-watt motor which is capable of cutting through a variety of ingredients including Ice. This makes the blender ideal for smoothies, shakes, and purees with results in less than 5 seconds.

To help you create a variety of textures the CRANDDI comes with a 15-speed setting. You can rotate the dial to get the right speed setting. It also comes with a built-in pulse control. The blender has a capacity of 64 oz. and all its materials are BPA safe and made from food grade material. Cleaning the blender is easy as all you need is to drop a dish of soap and warm water and then allow the blender to auto clean itself for 30 to 60 seconds. Use a damp cloth to clean the motor base. The blender comes with a 1-yr warranty, tamper, and cookbook.

What we liked:

  • Industry strong motor
  • Quiet motor with thickened shield
  • 15 speed control
  • Made from food safe materials

What we did not like:

  • A bit bulky


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Vitamix Quiet One Blender – Best commercial Quiet Blender

The Vitamix One is a quiet motor even though it comes with a powerful 1,800 watt motor. The manufacturing company has used an innovative vibration dampening technology and sound closure that ensure your blending process is as quiet as possible.

The Vitamix comes with an extra-large 48 ounce Tritan polycarbonate container that is large enough for you liquids while still remaining sturdy. The container can handle accidental drops and slips. For your blending process you get six pre-set blending programs. That’s, not all, you also get 34 premium programs and 93 variable speeds.

The blender is designed for commercial use and you can therefore use it for your coffee house and smoothie bars or for home use. The Vitamix comes with a 3-year warranty for the motor base and 1-year for the container and blade assembly. The blender will cut through ice and peanuts with ease.

What we liked:

  • High motor power
  • Quiet vibration technology
  • Multiple speeds and programs
  • Long warranty

What we did not like:

  • Expensive


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Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender – Best for Home use

The Hamilton comes with a removable quiet shield that dampens noise during the blending process. You have better control of the blending process by selecting the speed control from 3000 rpm to 18,000 rpm. The Hamilton comes with 4 program settings for ice crush, smoothie, puree and clean offer one touch convenience. The system also has a 11 speed dial.

The Hamilton handles its liquids via its 32 oz. shatterproof BPA jar that comes with a tamper proof lid. The 1500 watt motor is designed with optimal air flow that helps cut noise, and improve efficiency. The system has built-in cleansing system that eliminates the need for manual cleaning. To keep the blender protected as you use it you have a five-year warranty.

What we liked:

  • Shatterproof BPA jar
  • 4 program settings with 11 speed dial
  • Removable quiet shield that dampens noise
  • Powerful 1,500-watt motor

What we did not like:

  • Bulky design


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Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with Wildside – Best programmed blender

This high quality blender is the perfect choice for making cocktail drinks, crushed ice, and soups. The machine is self-cleaning. It also comes with a patented plunger technology that automatically pulls down the ingredients so that they are well blended. To enable you fix a variety of foods it comes with six preprogrammed blend cycles including a pulse button. This gives the blender the ability to prepare margaritas, cappuccinos, bread dough, soups, dressings, sauces, and much more.

The Blendtec operates at 11 speeds and you have a one touch interface for easy cleaning. You also have a LCD screen portrays a countdown timer. The Blendtec is made from BPA free materials and also has an impact resistant WildSide+ jar with an extra large wide base. The WildSide+ jar has the capacity of 36 oz. and this allows you to prepare smoothies for your whole family. The Blendtec has one of the longest warranties of 10-years.

What we liked:

  • 36 oz. BPA free container
  • 11-speed touch slider
  • Six preprogrammed cycles (hot soup, frozen treats, mixed drinks, whole juice, batters, and smoothies)
  • Plastic sound enclosure captures noise
  • Long 10-yr warranty

What we did not like:

  • A bit expensive


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Tribest Personal Blender – Best quiet blender for single serving

The Tribest is a quiet blender with a small 200 watt motor. It is a great blender for use for single servings. The blender will cut its way through ice, nuts, grains, and seeds. You should note that the blades on this blender are enclosed and thus are impossible to come into contact with during operation.

The Tribest operates via one touch control. Its press and twist continuous modes ensure perfect grinding and blending to ensure you get a perfect consistency. Included in the purchase are two 8-ounce BPA and two 16-ounce cups, three cup lids and a single commuter lid. With this blender you should be able to make a variety of blends. The containers are BPA free and this makes them safe for use.

What we liked:

  • Quiet blender for use in the office
  • Multiple accessories
  • Comes with two BPA free containers

What we did not like:

  • Motor power is a bit limited


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Black + Decker Quiet Blender with Cyclone glass jar – Best Budget-friendly blender

The Black and Decker blender while not as quiet as the blenders we have reviewed performs better than other pricier blenders of its class. It is quiet and knocks off some decibels of your normal blender. The Blender comes with a moderate 900 watt motor that will cut through ice and most of other hard ingredients. It also comes with pre-set buttons for preparation of shakes, icy drinks, and shakes. When you put your ingredients into the machine you will note that it can begin the blending process with small blends in a row before it increases speed for a more smoother blend.

The blender comes with a 24 ounce Tritan personal jar that perfectly fits the blender base. The blender is also compact and this allows it to fit in tight kitchen cabinets. The blender is offered at affordable rates in most stores.

What we liked:

  • Moderately powerful motor
  • Less noisy than most blenders in the market
  • Preset buttons for preparing shakes, and icy drinks
  • Compact size

What we did not like:

  • Limited functions


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Buying Guide for the Best quiet blender

Picking the right blender is not quite easy when you have so many options in the market. Blenders come in all manner of shapes and sizes each designed to meet a particular need. However, blenders tend to be noisy and it is equally important that you choose one that gives you peace as you blend. Here are some key factors you should you consider when choosing a blender.


If you are living with others it is polite to ensure that you blending activities do not cause noise pollution to the others. Most of the blender noise often comes from the motor. The biggest problem is that most of the blender manufacturers do not publish decibel ratings and this makes it hard to know whether a blender is noisy or not. This does not mean you cannot purchase a quiet blender. The first thing you will need to know is that quiet blenders come with additional accessories to make them quiet. In this instance you will find the motors coming in with special noise reduction technologies or you may have various noise reduction covers. In other instances you will have the blender with features like rubber gaskets. This makes the blender quiet to use.

Motor Power

The motor power will determine the kind of ingredients you use your blender for. The more powerful a motor is the more noise it makes. This is often the case when you engage the blender at top speed. This will often lead to a more consistent blend. Budget blenders have a motor power of between 300 to 600 watts, more expensive blenders will have motors on between 1,500 to 1,800 watts.

Ease of cleaning

A blender should be easy to clean. Considering the kind of ingredients you are going to be blending you need it to have self-cleaning abilities. This saves you time and ensures your blender is thoroughly cleaned. For self-cleaning blenders all you need to do is put soap and warm water into the blender, press a button and it shall be clean. The most problematic blenders are those that require you to dissemble the blender before cleaning. Seek for blenders with dishwasher safe and BPA parts.


Blenders come with pitchers of varying sizes. Larger pitchers means that you will need to identify storage space for them. They may not fit in your regular kitchen cabinets. However, they do come with the advantage of allowing you to make large smoothies for the whole family. You may need to first identify your own unique family needs before you purchase a blender.


Accessories will depend on the manufacturer. Some blenders will come with extras like tampers, which allow you to blend thick foods with ease. Some will come with multiple containers like the blending one and a serving one. In other cases you will have travel cups which you can use to carry your shakes and smoothies on the go. Some companies offer their blenders with a recipe book that gives you instructions on how to make a variety of dishes.


The warranty is very important as it keeps your blender protected after purchase. This should be the case when you are purchasing a blender that goes for more than $1,000. The warranty will give you protection for motor, parts and labor. Some blenders offer buyers a money back guarantee. This means you can return it should it be something you had no intention of buying.


How do I identify a quiet blender?

You will notice that quiet blenders come with extra housing around the motor and also come with noise reducing covers. In some cases, the manufacturer will indicate the blender decibels.

Are blenders easy to clean?

More advanced blenders will come with self-cleaning abilities that allows you to place soap and warm water into the blender then press a button for it to clean itself


Owning a blender has today become an essential kitchen appliance. Blenders give you the ability to make smoothies, purees and soups with ease. However, blenders also tend to be a bit noisy and this can make them as sources of disruption in the house. Quiet blenders give you the ability to make your blends without disturbing the rest of the household members.

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