Best Smoothie Bowl Blenders (Updated For 2022)

Smoothie bowls are the next best thing in healthy eating. You can never go wrong with a fresh smoothie bowl on a summer afternoon. They are refreshing, delicious, and pack a lot of nutritional value. And most importantly, they are soothing and“smooth” (as their name suggests).

Our Top 5 Smoothie Bowl Blenders

If you want to buy a smoothie bowl blender online, you are in luck. Today, we will review the top five best smoothie blenders available on the market. We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best product for your kitchen. So, let’s hop into it.

Hamilton Beach (54220) Wave Crusher Blender

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender is the first on our list. This product is budget-friendly but do not let its low price fool you. It is a versatile tool for making tasty smoothies and various kitchen needs.

High Quality Blades

The blender features ice Sabre blades for squashing and blending every ingredient you put into it. These blades are fine and can cut through ice and fruits like butter.

Robust Glass Pitcher

And all these actions take place inside a robust, heat-resistant glass jar. It works well with the Hamilton Beach wave action system to mix everything thoroughly. With this feature, the contents won’t stick to the walls, which often happens with other blenders. Now you won’t waste time cramming everything manually. The blades and container will take care of that.

14 Different Speed Settings

Another plus point of the Hamilton Beach 54220 is its 14 different speed settings. With this feature, you can set different blade speeds, which will give different results. This means you have the power to make your smoothie any way you want. If you want to have it chunky or smooth as silk, go ahead.

Whether you want fruit and veggie bits or a refined and clean blend, the speed settings can take care of that. This unique feature sets the Hamilton Beach apart from other blenders in a similar price range.

The Hamilton Beach54220 also does not take up much space on your kitchen countertops. It measures at9.45 x 6.98 x 14.69 inches (LxWxH). There are two variants available, i.e., black color and stainless steel.

Highlights of the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender:

  • Comes with a 40oz glass container that is shock and heat resistant.
  • Runs on a 700 Watt power motor that crushes ingredients in a flash.
  • Features a patented wave action that makes blending a walk in the park.
  • 14 blending speeds for producing different textures with every smoothie.

Let us look at the pros and cons:


  • Variety of blend functions (14 options)
  • Durable and long-lasting motor
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Hefty 14 ounces mixing jar
  • Easy and mess-free pouring with the unique pouring sprout
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Smooth and consistent results
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Three-year warranty


  • Slightly underpowered
  • Noisy motor
  • Does not perform as expected with frozen foods
  • Few design flaws
  • Plastic material

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Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade

The following product is one of the top and most recommended blenders. So, it is only fitting that we include it in our list. Introducing the Vitamix 5200, a highly sought-after product.

Fast Performance And Powerful

Vitamix has earned a reputation as one of the top blender and grinder manufacturers. Their blenders are fast-performing and powerful, making them a mainstay in many kitchens. And the 5200 is no less. It takes the cake on several aspects. But the best ones are its performance and price point. Let us review the product further.

Large Glass Pitcher

The multi-purpose blender has several features. Firstly, it has a large glass container that can hold up to 64 ounces of content. This makes it perfect for making 8-10 glasses of smoothies, suitable for parties or family gatherings. It also makes for several acai bowls for the whole family.

Blades Designed To Blend Frozen Fruits

It also features fast and sharp stainless steel blades that can turn any content into a fine mixture. And yes, that includes frozen foods and ice as well. What’s more, you can adjust the blade settings to your desire. The 5200 has ten different speed settings for all your needs. Whether you want a thorough or medium blend, you can get the texture you want with your smoothie.

Soup Heating Setting

Another plus point about this product is that it can heat soups. Yes, you heard that right. But how is this possible? The answer lies in the blades. The top-grade blades rotate at such speeds that they can produce friction heat. This can make your cold, leftover soup steaming hot in under five to six minutes.

Self-Cleaning Blender

The Vitamix 5200 is also self-cleaning. This means you won’t waste time in the sink, scrubbing and washing. Just add a few drops of dishwashing soap with warm water, turn on the device, and blend. You will have everything sparkling clean in a few seconds.

The 5200 is also relatively small and will take up precious space on your kitchen counter. The dimensions are 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches (LxWxH) and weigh around 10 pounds. You can get it in three colors, i.e., black, red + black, and white.

Highlights of the Vitamix 5200:

  • Features powerful top-grade blades for consistent and smooth grinding.
  • Huge 64oz glass jar to pack every ingredient you need.
  • Ten different speed controls allow for different blend textures.
  • Blade friction heating for cold soups and broths.
  • Pulse Feature for thick and chunky dishes.
  • The self-cleaning feature removes any leftover chunks.
  • Cool-Running motor stops unwanted heating.


  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
  • Value for money
  • Makes enough smoothies for the whole family
  • Self-cleaning
  • Long six feet power cord
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty


  • Manual cleaning is difficult
  • The lid does not seal tightly sometimes
  • Friction heating can cause unwanted heating when making cold beverages

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Jamba Appliances 2.4 HP Blender (58910)

The following product on our list comes to us from the house of Jamba Appliances. They are a leading company that focuses on an active lifestyle. And they are also very well-known for their juicers and blenders. Today we want to review one of the best and most popular products in their line of blenders. Yes, we are talking about the Jamba Appliances 2.4 HP Blender.

Jamba has an impressive list of products. But the 2.4 HP Blender stands out in many ways. It is another perfect option for all your kitchen needs. And it also qualifies as a strong contender for making your favorite smoothies.

Versatile Blender

Whether you want to mix batters, dips and spreads, or dressings for your salads, say no more. The JA 2.4 HP is versatile in many ways. The robust steel blades run on a 2.4 peak HP. And these blades can reach a speed of 210 mph. This makes it suitable to pulverize any frozen food or ice you throw at it.

High Speed Blender, Perfect For Smoothie Bowls

At that speed, there is no doubt your smoothies will live up to their name. You will get soft, smooth drinks that will glide with ease down your throat. However, if you want chunks in your drinks, don’t worry. The JA 2.4 HP has a speed dial knob with ten-speed settings. Now you can adjust it accordingly and get coarser pieces as well.

4 Program Settings

And to make your lives even more accessible, they have included 4 program settings as well. They are soup, smoothie, ice crush, and whole juice. Select the options according to your choice, and let the device adjust everything. You won’t need to stand and worry about your juice or soup coming out “underprepared.” This way, you know what you are going for while cooking various dishes.

Large Pitcher

Every little ingredient gets thoroughly mixed in the 64oz container. Unless you’re throwing a party for a large crowd, that capacity is enough. In addition, they have also included a colorful recipe book with over 150 unique recipes. Now you can test out your smoothie-making skills with this.

The JA 2.4 HP Blender has 8.7 x 17.32 x 7.6 inches (LxWxH). That makes it the smallest one so far on our list, and it weighs around 10.74 pounds.

Highlights of the Jamba Appliances 2.4 HP Blender:

  • Comes with robust stainless steel metal blades.
  • Features a large 64 ounces, shock-resistant, and BPA-free container.
  • Infinite speed dial with 4 different settings for blending different snacks.
  • An emulsion cup allows for adding smooth liquid to your dressings or marinades.
  • 2.4 Peak HP motor rotates the blades at unimaginable speeds.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to wash and store anywhere
  • Shatterproof BPA-free jar
  • Convenient tamper for pushing contents easily
  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel blades that run at a maximum speed of 210 mph
  • Limited 8-year warranty


  • Slightly heavy to move around
  • Plastic material is not so durable
  • Blades are non-removable
  • Replacement jar unavailable

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Blendtec Total Blender Classic

This next product comes to you from one of the best blender makers in the world. Yes, we are talking about American manufacturer Blendtec. They have been in the market since 1975, putting out quality mixers and mills. Every product they put out has 5-star ratings and reviews online. But the one we want to feature today is the Blendtec Total Blender Classic.

Large Capacity Jar

As the name suggests, it is a classic and favorite among chefs and food enthusiasts. It has a sleek design which is complemented by its four-sided glass jar. The WildSide+ jar can hold a whopping 90 ounces in capacity. Plus, if you already own another Blendtec blender that needs a replacement container, you are in luck. This jar is designed to fit with any Blendtec device.

Along with that, you also have the option of using the Blendtec GO™ Travel Bottle. However, Blendtec sells both the jar and bottle separately. You can choose the “bundle” option while purchasing on Amazon.

Thicker And Faster Blades

Furthermore, it features patented stainless steel winged blades for efficient content squashing. They are 80% thicker than most blades and ten times faster. This allows making smoothies and pastes a breeze. No wonder they are a popular choice in many kitchens and retail food chains worldwide.

Plus, the blades are blunt so that you won’t accidentally poke or cut your fingers while dismantling. And because of the dynamic 1570 watt motor, the blades create friction heat. This feature allows you to heat cold soups in five to six minutes. You can manually control the blending speeds as well.

Six Blending Options

If you do not know what speed settings to use for making different dishes, Blendtec can help you. This is possible with six pre-programmed blending options. All you have to do is mix your ingredients and choose accordingly. You can make dips and batters, smoothies, frozen treats, etc.

Relatively Smaller Compared To Other Brands

The Blendtec Classic will also not take up much space on your countertops. You can store them easily in cupboards and kitchen cabinets. The dimensions for the device are 14 x 11.75 x 9.75 inches and weigh about 11 pounds. You can choose from black, red, white, and a transparent material version.

Highlights of the Blendtec Total Blender Classic:

  • Blunt wingtip blade blends fruits and vegetables, not your fingers.
  • Stainless steel components.
  • Pre-programmed blending cycles allow you to blend different mixtures accordingly.
  • Blends as well as heat food
  • A mainstay in popular retail food chains like Baskin Robbins and Panera Bread.


  • Sturdily built with Grade-A materials
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Self-cleaning
  • Automatic shutdown


  • Jars and carry bottles are sold separately
  • Noisy motor
  • Customers complain about the bottom seal coming off

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Cleanblend Commercial Blender


Are you looking for traditional-style blenders without all the fancy and “techy” stuff? Then, the Cleanblend Commercial Blender has everything you need. We try to include variety in our list. And this product serves to do just that.

The Cleanblend blender does not have any complicated buttons or menus from the first view. But do not judge it by its looks. It is simple yet versatile. And that sets it apart from other items in this list. Plus, it is also the cheapest one on our list.

User Friendly Smoothie Bowl Blender

It has a user-friendly design, and you can use it on the go. You won’t need to refer to the manual. This blender has everything you could want from a blender as far as the features go. It features a combination of eight stainless steel blades that can mash frozen foods with ease. This, combined with a 3 HP, 1800 watt motor, is everything you need.

In addition, it comes with a 64-ounce jar free from any organic compounds like Bisphenol-A. With this jar, you can replace up to 9 kitchen appliances. You can quickly grind, blend, chop, heat, crush, etc., and whip up any dish you want.

Low Noise Blender

One of the most common problems people have with blenders is that they are too noisy. Well, you can bid goodbye to that problem. The Cleanblend runs on a powerful motor but does everything with minimal noise and fuss.

The Cleanblend is relatively taller than others on this list. It has measurements of 18 x 15 x 13 inches (LxWxH). The whole system weighs around 11 pounds and is available in red and black colors.

Highlights of the Cleanblend Commercial Blender:

  • Features a stainless steel 8-blade system and ball bearing for maximum performance.
  • Creates less noise for relaxing and effective blending.
  • It comes in a simple design with an adjustable speed knob, a pulse button, and an on/off switch.
  • A powerful motor with 800 watts of horsepower.
  • Minimal and hassle-free design.


  • Durable and long-lasting pitcher
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Quality components
  • Stainless steel Japanese blades and ball bearings
  • Noiseless
  • BPA-free container
  • 30-day return policy
  • 5-year warranty + 30-days money-back guarantee


  • The lid does not seal tightly
  • Heavy to use
  • The container gets wobbly sometimes
  • The container needs to be pressed down during use
  • Motor and blade connection can come loose, causing problems

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How to Choose the Best Smoothie Bowl Blender: A Buyers Guide

Choose the Best Smoothie Bowl Blender

It is not easy to choose a blender that meets all your needs. Different factors go into the decision-making, such as price, features, size, etc. To assist you, we will list out all the do’s and don’ts and things to watch out for before buying your new blender. Keep reading below.

Check your blades carefully.

Make sure that the blades are stainless steel and thick. They can retain their edges longer and do not wear down quickly. Some low-cost blenders will install thin and weak blades. Do not go for those as they are prone to breaking. And if you are not careful, you might end up slurping the tiny blade bits unknowingly.

Also, check the connection between the blades and base. If there is a loose connection, they will not perform well. You also want them to be dishwasher safe. Plus, check the sharpness of the blade. Blunt ones are the most versatile option, especially for crushing ice and frozen fruits.

Go for ones with plastic containers.

Some blenders come with a glass jar. It would be best to avoid them. Go for plastic ones instead. They are less prone to breaking and damage with constant use. Many high-end models use plastic containers because they are cheaper to produce. However, you must wash them carefully. Otherwise, it can leave behind unwanted smells.

Another factor is the size. If you‘re buying it for long-term use, go for the bigger jars with 60oz capacity. Not only can you prepare meals for the whole family, but it works well for a single person too.

Watch out for the power settings.

Power options are another essential factor to consider while buying a blender. Depending on your needs, pick a blender with appropriate power settings. Low power motors cannot break down ice and solids effectively. And what good would smoothies be without ice and frozen fruits or veggies?

Hence, you want to choose one with more than 350 watts of power. Anything lower than that, and you won’t get satisfactory results. High-power blenders tend to cost more. But if you want to get things done quickly, they are a must.

Pre-programmed settings are lifesaving.

If you find one with pre-programmed settings at an affordable price, grab it. These features can save you a ton of time while making smoothies and juices. And why do we suggest this option? Because they can fine-tune the textures you want with a single click.

This is useful when you are clueless about what texture you want for your salsas or smoothies. But with these features, you can breathe a sigh of relief. However, it is optional. You can always buy one that doesn’t have these services.

Durability and usability.

Lastly, make sure to check the durability and structure of the blender. You want to buy one made from robust materials that will last longer. You will only be wasting your time and money if you invest in one with a poor structure.

Another thing to take into account is usability. You want to consider whether it’s for yourself or a large number of people. For instance, if you live alone and don’t entertain guests that much, do not buy the large ones. They will take up precious space on your kitchen counter.

Get a personal blender instead. That is sufficient enough for a single person. You can store them anywhere as they take little space. Plus, you’re saving money at the same time.

The Best Thing About Smoothies Bowls

smoothie bowls

The good thing about smoothie bowls is that they can be of various kinds. You can blend all your favorite fruits or even vegetables to create a mouth-watering beverage. Combine them with nuts, chocolate, milk, coffee, etc., and you get the best out of them.

You can go a step further and add condiments and spices if you wish to. That is bound to add a unique taste and kick to your favorite smoothie bowl. Plus, having a smoothie bowl is a fancy way to consume your fruits and veggies. The mashup between the various nutrients in the ingredients makes for many health benefits.

Say “Yes” to Home-Made Smoothie Bowls

While we are at it, do you know the best kind of smoothie bowls? Yes, the homemade ones. You can make them from fresh ingredients and just about anything lying in your fridge. They even taste better than the ones you find in restaurants and cafes.

And to make these delicious bowls, a good blender is a must-have. You cannot get the dripping smooth texture without a blender. They can grind and fuse everything in the blink of an eye. As a result, you get that combination and burst of flavors that make you want to keep going the rest of your day.

Closing Thoughts

So, there you have it. We hope the list we have curated here helps you find the blender of your dreams. Yes, we know most of them are in the pricier range. But we want to recommend a blender that will not only make delicious smoothie bowls but also last you a long time. In short, we want you to choose “quality.”

Cheap and generic blenders will not perform consistently. After a few uses, you will notice signs of wear and damage. Some customers also report issues on the very first use.

But that won’t happen if you check out the products on our list. They are some of the best in the market. And that is why we highly recommend them as the next addition to your kitchen.

However, if you find one with all the features you need, including price, go for it. At the end of the day, it is still a blender and will do the job.

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