Can a Blender Shred Chicken

Yes, a blender can shred chicken and all you have to do is invest in a high-powered blender with various speeds settings that will enable you to shred the chicken at low increasing speeds. If you can find a blender with a tamper, the better because it will allow you to push the chicken down the blades and end up with the desired finish.

How to Use a Blender to Shred Chicken

Chicken shredding is a controversial subject, with a particular group proposing that chicken should be shredded raw and the other insisting that chicken should be shredded after being cooked. A majority of kitchen enthusiasts settled with shredding chicken after it has been cooked. For this procedure to be successful, the chicken should be boiled first.

After boiling getting access to the bones will be much easier and you should, therefore, remove the bones to avoid spoiling your blender. Individuals using a powerful blender will want to remove the bones so that they are not crushed and included in the shredded chicken.

The next step is to put your chicken into the blender, this is done bit by bit. For the process to be successful, you must ensure that your blender has a powerful motor and the blades are sharp. The speeds offered by a particular blender also play a big role, variable speeds in a blender enable you to alternate between low and high speeds.

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How to shred chicken using a stand mixer

You can also shred your cooked chicken using a stand mixer. And using the paddle attachment, you will turn your stand mixer on a low setting, and then leave it to shred your chicken. Ensure to keep shredding with the paddle attachment for a max of 20 seconds and a minimum of 15 seconds, up until you achieve the desired consistency.

Shredding chicken using a stand mixer is tricky because chances of over shredding are pretty high thus if by any chance you are left with large chunks then you should remove them from the mixer and shred them with your hands.

How to shred chicken using a hand mixer

When using this kitchen appliance, it is important to note that you can only use the boneless chicken and one that has already been cooked. So the first thing is to find a deep bowl, and place your chicken inside it. Turn your hand mixer into a low setting and then use it to shred your chicken, as you begin shredding, you might have to first break them into large parts and then progressively into smaller parts.

How to shred chicken using a fork

And just like the other shredding procedures, your chicken must be cooked prior to shredding. Also, don’t shred the chicken when it is hot, instead do it when it is warm. Place your cooked chicken in a sturdy chopping board, and with two forks on both your hands, you will begin pulling the chicken into pieces. Shred the chicken up until you achieve the desired shred sizes.

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How to shred raw chicken in a blender

Placing a whole chicken in the blender in the name of shredding is highly unrealistic. What is realistic though is cutting the chicken into smaller cubes using the kitchen scissors or knife. And then place them inside a blender and blend for 1 -2 minutes. For this process to be successful, you must ensure that the chicken is not frozen but firm. And when cutting them into cubes for shredding, the best size would be 1-2 inch cubes.

Can a Blender Shred Chicken

How to use mortar and pestle to shred chicken

Mortar and pestle are among the kitchen equipment that will never become redundant. And did you know that you can shred your chicken using mortar and pestle? Using this option is pretty straightforward, you must however ensure that you don’t pound too hard and expel the juices on the chicken meat to mortar.

How to use a potato masher to shred chicken

Potato mashers are also used to shred chicken but you must first ensure that the chicken is well cooked, de-boned, and cut into small sizes. Important to note is that if you don’t wish for your chicken to be too shredded then you should not use this process.

Types of chicken that are best for shredding

Bone-in chicken is good for shredding but what you must understand is that you will have to use your hands so that you can feel around the chicken and avoid the bones as you shred. So the first step is to get all the meat from the chicken and then proceed to shred it. For the bone-in chicken, you can either shred them with their skin or throw away the skin and shred the flesh.

Boneless Chicken- Boneless chickens are easy to shred and the best thing is that they are usually skinless thus shredding them is a breeze.

Types of blenders that can shred chicken

Blender Model Speeds  Capacity Action
Breville BBL620SIL the Fresh and Furious Countertop Blender, Silver 5-speed settings 50 oz shatterproof Tritan jug Check Price Here
Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, Ten variable speeds 48 Oz Check Price Here
KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5-Speed Hand Blender


5-speed kitchen aid 21/2 cup BPA free chopper attachment

1 liter BPA free blending pitcher

Check Price Here
Blendtec Classic 575 Blender – WildSide+ Jar


5 speeds and 4 pre-programmed cycles Wildside + 90 oz jar Check Price Here
Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender – 10 speeds and 6 pre-programmed cycles Four side jar 75 Oz Check Price Here


Blenders can be used to shred chicken, you must however be sure to find one that has a powerful mortar, has variable speeds, since you will have to adjust from low to high. A blender with a tamper will be perfect for this kind of recipe, but if you cannot find one then the outlined kitchen equipment should help you shred your chicken.


How long can refrigerated chicken remain palatable?

Shredded chicken is usually stored in airtight containers and will remain edible for 3 to 4 days.

How long will shredded chicken remain edible after freezing?

Once frozen, shredded chicken can remain edible for up to 3 months.


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