Can We Use Blender Instead Of Beater For Whipping Cream?

If you love smoothies and cold coffee, whipped cream is an ingredient you can’t live without. You can also use it on pancakes, cakes, waffles, and other dishes to add some extra flavor to your favorite dish and make them look better.

Some people love making homemade whipped cream, but if you have all the ingredients and don’t have a mixer, can you use a blender instead to beat your whipped cream? While a blender is a mixer in a way, it’s not the ideal tool for the job. However, it’s possible to use it but it doesn’t work the same way and a mixer or whisk since the blender blades move at higher speeds even when set at a very low speed. The blender also doesn’t blend from all directions just the very bottom part where the blades are located which makes it very difficult to whip the cream evenly, so you’ll need to help move the cream around. Since you can’t control the speed of the blades, you might end up making butter instead of whipped cream.

Making whipped cream in a blender

Making whipped cream in your blender can be fun, easy, and fast. Homemade whipped cream is healthier than the store-bought since it’s fresh and you make it with your own ingredients. Most people use a hand mixer, but you can also use a countertop blender and is much faster. You only need 3 ingredients including a cup of heavy whipped cream, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar. When it comes to making whipped cream, cold ingredients are easier to whip.


  • Mix all the ingredients in your blender, preferably a Vitamix blender that gives you better control of your blender.
  • Cover and set it at the lowest speed and blend for 15 seconds. Stop, open the cover and check on your cream. It should have thickened a bit but might be a bit watery.
  • Use a rubber spatula to get all the cream off the sides of the blender jar and down near the blades.
  • Use the pulse button on your blender to pulse the cream about 4 times until your whipped cream has the perfect texture.
  • Use the spatula to scope it out and you can eat it at your leisure or store it in the fridge for a few days.

Using an immersion blender to make whipped cream

Using a hand blender to whip cream is the best way of making whipped cream in your kitchen. It will take less time than if you were doing it by hand and it will taste better. A typical hand blender can whip about 8 oz. of heavy whipped cream in about 30 seconds and its extra-long whipping arm is perfect for reaching and blending ingredients that are the bottom of a tall container. The best part is you don’t need training or special skills to use it, all you need to do is pull all the ingredients in the container, turn on your hand blender and let it do the rest.

How to stabilize your whipped cream

Once you’ve made your whipped cream, you’ll realize that it can become a little runny after a while. While this is normal, you can prevent this by doing a few things.

Once you’re done enjoying your homemade whipped cream and it’s been sitting on your kitchen counter for about an hour, transfer the leftover to an airtight container and keep it in the fridge. When you need to use it again, remove it from the fridge and allow it to come to room temperature. This makes it thick enough and will still have a delicious taste. You can also whip in some powdered sugar before you serve to give it a better taste.

How do you know your whipped cream is done?

If you’ve never made homemade whipped cream, it can be difficult to know when to stop whipping the cream. Since nobody wants to eat a bowl of whipped cream that has been over whipped, here are different textures you should look out for.

Different textures Meaning
Soft plop This is when your whipped cream is becoming thicker and a bit more solid. There will be traces of the cream on the whisk which means it’s not done yet.
Soft peaks This is perfect if you want to use it as a topping for something delicate and you want it to be silky like an avocational dessert. You sprinkle this cream on top to make it light and delicious.
Medium peaks Your whisk will leave stiffer trails on the bowl and the thicker consistency is perfect to use as a cake layer, frosting delicious desserts, or filling in pastries.
Stiff peaks The cream will hold its peak and not clump when you mix it which is perfect for cake fillings, topping pies, or layered desserts.
Over whipped cream The cream has lumps that are impossible to get rid of even when you try to mix it again, it will only get lumpier.


While a whisk is the best tool to use when making whipped cream, you can also use a blender to make homemade whipped cream, but you need to be careful not to overwhip the cream and make butter instead. Once you know how to use it, you’ll realize it’s a faster and easier way of making whipped cream in a few minutes.


Can you add cornflour to whipped cream?

You can add a tablespoon of cornflour for every cup of cream to stabilize your whipped cream. It will give the cream a slightly grainy taste or you can use gelatin.

Why is my whipped cream not thickening?

If you don’t keep your cream in the fridge to chill, instead you use room temperature cream, your whipped cream will not thicken. If the cream reached 10 degrees Celsius, the fat in the cream won’t emulsify and this makes it hard to hold the air particles that allow it to maintain the fluffy peaks.

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