Can You Grate Carrots in A Blender

Grating in the blender can seem impossible but it is practical. So, yes you can grate carrots in a blender. Using a blender instead of a grater will save you time because the mechanical process powered by a powerful mortar is quite fast. However, users must know that grating carrots in a blender will require them to use less power.

How to Grate Carrots in a Blender

  • Fresh carrots are easy to grate in a blender. Therefore, if you wish to grate carrots in a blender, we suggest that you purchase fresh, sweet, and succulent carrots.
  • Wash them thoroughly getting rid of any thin roots that might be sticking out
  • Peel off the outer skin of the carrot
  • Chop the carrots into smaller pieces, the above is so that they can be grated easily in the blender
  • Put the chopped carrots into the blender and then attach the cover
  • Start your blender utilizing the high speed
  • And then grate the carrots until you achieve the desired size and texture

How to Grate Carrots using a food processor

A food processor doesn’t work any differently when compared to using a blender, thus it is a very good substitute for a blender.

  • To successfully grate your carrots using a food processor, you will first wash them. Peel off the outer skin and then cut them into small appropriate sizes.
  • Adjust the box of the food processor and then proceed to insert the blades but be sure to keep the lid and tube in their proper place. Turn on the food processor and then proceed to drop a portion of the carrots to be grated.
  • Grate the carrots to the required sizes and texture. When done be sure to turn off the food processor. You will also take off the lid and blades of the food processor and transfer the grated carrots to a different plate.

Can You Grate Carrots in A Blender

How to Grate Carrots Using a Cheese Grater

A grater is the most used equipment when it comes to grating carrots, but there are occasions that you might find yourself with only the cheese grater and you need to grate some carrots. What then! Well, improvisation is the only way to go and the cheese grater works just the same as the normal hand grater.

  • First wash the carrots getting rid of dirt, mud, and tiny roots. Then with your dominant hand, you will hold the carrot, and then hold the grater with the other hand.
  • Proceed to rub the carrots one by one against the holes of the grater, and be sure to apply some force.
  • Rub each carrot by turn until you finish all of them and then retrieve the grated carrots in a bowl

How to use a magic bullet to grate carrots

In the absence of a grater, you could use the magic bullet blender to grate your carrots. You might be wondering how? If you haven’t used a magic bullet blender before then you might not know that it comes equipped with a cross blade used to shred different types of vegetables including cheese.

  • The first step is to wash the carrots thoroughly
  • Secondly, you will find a peeler, to get rid of the carrot’s outer layer.
  • You will then chop off a ¼ inch on each side of the carrot and then proceed to slice the carrot into three-inch thick pieces.
  • The magic bullet blender comes equipped with a short cup that you will attach to the blender. Important to note is that you can always use the tall cup if you are working with a large batch of carrots.
  • The next step is to twist on the cross blade and then proceed to add the chopped carrots to the cup.
  • Pulse the blender to the desired consistency, if you pulse the carrots for long, you will end up with a puree instead of shreds.

Can You Grate Carrots in A Blender

How to grate carrots using a knife

True chefs love their kitchen knives and in a bid to turn you into one, we are going to show you how to grate carrots with dedication using only your kitchen knife.

  • First, you will get the carrots cleaned up, by washing them under running water.
  • Cut off the top and end part of the carrots
  • And then proceed to peel the carrots using a vegetable peeler.
  • And with your favorite kitchen knife, you will cut the carrots into two-inch pieces for easy chopping into much smaller pieces.
  • You will then cut the carrot pieces lengthwise
  • And then proceed to stack the carrot pieces on top of each other. And then with a sharp knife, you will cut them into tiny matchstick pieces.
  • For this process, you must be sure to watch your fingers because the chances of you accidentally cutting your fingers are high.
  • Be sure to cut the carrots in uniform sizes. The above will ensure that the grated carrots cook evenly.

How to grate carrots with a mandolin slicer

A mandolin slicer is a kitchen equipment that looks like a grater and a guillotine. For this equipment, you must be sure to first chop your carrots to facilitate placing them under the moving portion. To use the mandolin slicer, you will have to place the carrots between the bladed slicer. You will then move the slicer up and down until the carrot is completely shredded. 

Uses of shredded carrots
Cooked Raw
Macaroni Can be used in Coleslaw salad
Omelets Serve as a side dish
Grilled Cheese Eat with Hummus or Yogurt

Given the many ways that you can shred carrots, we can’t help but wonder how well we can put the shredded carrots to use. Shredded carrots are not only nutritious but also edible, and can be used to prepare more than 10 different meals. Some of the meals that you can prepare are such as macaroni cheese, Omelets, Grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes, and sandwiches among others.


Carrots enhance the taste of many foods and even better is that they can be eaten raw in a salad or individually. There are different equipment used to convert carrots into shreds and the most common one is the classic knife, you can also use a blender or a food processor whichever is available.

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