Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Blender? (How To guide)

For the most part grinders help you crush whole bean coffee while retaining its flavor. However, not many people have grinders. This is where the blender comes in. With the right technique you can replicate consistency and texture that is found in grinders.

Grinders do an excellent job of grinding coffee because they ensure a certain level of consistency where exposure to flavor destroying oxygen is reduced. The grinder prevents the natural oils from coffee from been improperly been extracted. This can result in a bitter flavor. During the grinding process small portions of coffee are used. This helps create a smoother cup of coffee. You should note that during this process when you use small batches is that it prevents the temperature inside the blender from rising so high that it cooks the natural oils in the coffee beans. This is what gives your coffee a harsh flavor.

How to grind coffee with blender

You should note that some blenders have simplified this process by having a grinder setting. When you want to make your favorite cup of coffee just press this button and you are good to go. If your blender does not have a grinder setting turn it to medium-high speed. You can then pulse the beans to the right consistency.

Steps to grinding coffee beans with blender

  • If you have a blender with grind settings turn this on; alternatively set to medium high speed
  • Pour a small portion of coffee beans into the pitcher and ensure you have firmly shut the top
  • Using the pulse technique grind your coffee to the right consistency
  • For the best results occasionally tilt the blender to the side while grinding as this helps push the larger coffee beans to the blades hence ensuring the right consistency
  • Empty the ground coffee beans and repeat the process until you have enough for making several cups of coffee

The benefits of grinding with your blender are that it ensures you have a fresh cup of ground coffee each morning. The blender retains the aroma in the coffee beans and this ensures the taste is just right.

Different types of grind coffee from blender

The blender can be used to grind a variety of coffee beans. If you are preparing French coffee then ensure you blend it to a coarse blend. This means what you blend will be large chunks of coffee beans the size of sea salt. To create an extra coarse grind for your cold brew coffee ensure you pulse the coffee beans quickly. If you are preparing a normal cup of coffee then use the medium blend setting while for a super strong espresso grind the coffee beans to a fine powder.

Important tips to remember when grinding coffee

You should note that for the best coffee the blending power is very important. A blender with a higher power rating will deliver better results than one with lower power. When blending, allow the machine to run on the pulse mode instead of it running continuously. This helps prevent premature wear and tear of the motor.

There are some blenders that lack a pulse button and you should blend your coffee beans intermittently. This is to prevent overheating the natural oils in the coffee and resulting in a bitter taste.

When grinding your coffee beans avoid over blending them otherwise they will lose their taste. It is recommended that you use 2 heaping teaspoons of ground coffee per cup.

Type of coffee method
French press coffee Grind to a coarse blend
Cold brew coffee Pulse the coffee beans fast
Regular coffee Grind to medium size
Super strong espresso Grind beans to fine setting


While it is important to have a grinder for making your favorite cup of coffee you still can do the work with your normal blender. Blenders with the grinding setting help you do the work with no stress but other blenders can still work. The trick is to grind your coffee with the pulse button on. This ensures you do not destroy the natural oils in the coffee that leads to it having a bitter taste. You should choose a blender with good blades as these are able to cut through the coffee beans with ease.


What should I do if my blender does not have a pulsating button?

You need not worry as you can blend the coffee beans intermittently. This helps too much heat from being released and destroying the natural oils in coffee. This can lead to a bitter taste in the coffee

What is the minimum wattage that is needed from a blender to grind coffee beans?

Any blender with more than 500 watts should do the job of grinding coffee

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