Can you Grind Wheat in a Blender

Yes, you can grind wheat in a blender very easily, you only have to ensure that you invest in a blender that has been equipped with a powerful motor. The configuration of some specific blenders allows them to handle convert tough seeds into flour, some of which will be reviewed in this article. Besides converting wheat into flour at home using a blender exposes you to intense nutrients.

How to Grind Wheat in a blender

Depending on your blender capacity you will add the whole grain wheat into your blender and then process it for one minute. You will then stop the blender and using a rubber spatula you will stir the mixture.

Benefits of grinding your wheat

Freshly ground wheat is full of flavor- freshly ground wheat has been found to taste better when used to prepare bread, and when compared to wheat flour that had been grounded and overstayed. Besides so much gratification is derived from milling your own flour, which assures you of baked bread that is full of flour.

Whole Wheat Flour Have a Longer Shelf Life- but only when kept in the fridge or in a freezer. Whole wheat flour after being grounded usually contains the grains bran and the germ. The two components have been known to be rich in fiber among other nutrients and that is what makes the freshly ground wheat to spoil faster. More so when kept at room temperature, the expected shelf life for whole wheat flour is 3 months. In the refrigerator or freezer, your wheat flour will keep fresh for a whole year.

To check if your fresh blender ground wheat flour has gone bad, just smell it, you should be able to tell that it has gone bad.

Blender Model Capacity Speeds & Voltage Action
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Buying Guide for the Best Blender for Grinding Wheat

Consider Speed

A blender with high speeds is the best for making ingredients with high fiber and for converting wheat into flour. Besides the variable speeds makes the blender highly versatile as you can process different kinds of foods, including fruits, vegetable smoothies and you can even puree.

Consider the Watts

The power of your blender is measured through watts. Higher watts translate to the smooth blending of hard foods such as wheat. Also, it is highly unlikely that you will compromise the functionality of your blender when it operates with the high powerful watts. The product list above has incorporated blenders with powerful watts of up to 1200, this can be convenient if you will be processing hard foods constantly.

For blending wheat you will need a blender with at least 700 watts. The above will enable you to easily process the dry ingredients. With the above number of watts you can even process peanut butter, and turn various grains into flour.

Size of the blender– if you have small space in your kitchen then you might have to settle with a smaller blender probably an immersion blender. High-performance blenders, the ones with big mortars are huge in size thus could have a problem when it comes to fitting it in your countertop.


How much do you have, blenders retail at different prices. And there is a blender for every budget starting from as little as $20 to $1,000. The durability, power, and quality of materials used in the making of a blender largely determine its overall price. Blenders used for grinding wheat will definitely be costly because of the power needed to operate them, thus you should be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket.


A small capacity blender will eat up a good chunk of your time because you will have to process the wheat in small batches. So to save on power and to save your time it would be best to invest in a high-capacity blender. Notable, however, is that the size of your blender pitcher directly relates to the size of your family, of the foods that you plan on processing in a blender?

The type of blender blades

Some blenders come equipped with only two flat blades designed to angle upwards at the edges. You will also find that others have up to four blades, and with a spiral shape. Some blenders are equipped with sharp blades, while others have blunt blades. Each blade design discussed above work differently and have been designed to work with specific types of foods.

For blending wheat, the blades should be sharp and strong.

Can you Grind Wheat in a Blender

Can you grind wheat in a food processor?

We can never assume neither can we be too sure that a food processor can or cannot be used to grind wheat. So, what you need to know is that a food processor can indeed be used to grind the wheat berries, but you will end up with a very coarse grain. Also, there are chances that your food processor will get spoiled in the process.

Ideally, it is, therefore, not advisable to use a food processor to grind the wheat berries, instead, you can use this equipment to process other foods, such as vegetables and fruits to make sweet and fresh juices.


You can grind wheat in a blender but you have to ensure that it has the power to process the wheat without compromising its functional integrity. For the above ensure that you get a blender with a powerful motor and strong and sharp blades.

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