Can You Make Guacamole in a Blender? (5 Easy Steps)

Guacamole is a dip or spread made from avocados, typically mashed with onions, tomatoes, salt, and chilies. It is often eaten as a dip with tortilla chips or as a condiment on tacos and burritos.

The exact origins of guacamole are unknown; there are several claims about when and how it was created. One theory is that Indigenous people living in the region of Mexico were eating a paste prepared with avocados before Europeans arrived in the Americas.

Can You Make Guacamole in a Blender?

Yes, you can make guacamole in a blender.

Blenders are powerful machines that can take raw fruits and vegetables and turn them into liquid or paste forms. They liquefy the solids, removing any need to cut and peel food before using it in recipes. This makes them great for chopping up ingredients like avocado’s, onion and garlic.

Blenders can also be used instead of a food processor or hand mixer to make guacamole because they perform the same task as those devices. Blending the ingredients creates a smooth texture that is perfect for dipping.

Guacamole in a Blender

Can You Make Guacamole in a Blender? Answer: Yes!

Below we have outlined the ingredients needed to make guacamole, as well as the steps to follow. Enjoy

What Ingredients Do You Need for Guacamole?



jalapeno pepper




lime juice


How to Make Guacamole in a Blender?

Making homemade guacamole is becoming more popular and for a good reason. It’s delicious, healthy, and easy to make. But not everyone knows how to make it in a blender. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry – this blog post will teach you how. It’s so easy, and even a child could do it.

So you want to learn how to make guacamole in a blender? Well, follow the instructions below, and you’ll get there. Remember: Practice makes perfect, so feel free to practice at home!

Can You Make Guacamole in a Blender?

How to Make Guacamole in a Blender

  1. Dice up that avocado into pieces small enough to fit into your blender.
  2. Throw those avocados into the blender because you’re going to blend them anyways!
  3. Turn the blender on. And blend the avocados for around 10 seconds.
  4. Remove the lid of the blender. Your guacamole should be fully blended! If it isn’t, just blend some more. It may look a little bit strange at this point, but don’t worry – next we add the extras.
  5. Now add diced onion and tomatoes, pepper, crushed garlic, lime juice, salt, and cilantro. And then mix them well until they are all incorporated into delicious guacamole.

Eat up! You now know how to make guacamole in a blender. Next time your friends come over, surprise them with this delicious dish. I’m sure they’ll be amazed!

The Benefits of Making Guacamole in a Blender

Making guacamole in a blender is not only easy, but it also has some definite benefits over traditional methods. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

First, the blender will create much smoother guacamole than you could ever achieve with a mortar and pestle. This means that there will be no chunks or lumps in your dip, and everyone will enjoy it equally.

Second, using a blender to make guacamole will save you time. There’s no need to chop up any ingredients – the blender will do all the work for you.

Finally, using a blender to make your guacamole means that there is less risk of the ingredients being bruised or harmed before they are fully mixed. This means that you won’t have to throw away under-ripe avocados that have been smushed in your hands just trying to mash them up for the dip!

Making guacamole in a blender is not only easy, but it also has some definite benefits over traditional methods. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give this method a try! You will love all that it has to offer.

Can You Make Guacamole in a Blender?

Tips for Making the Perfect Guacamole

Did you know that there are ways to make it even better? Here are some tips to help you make the perfect guacamole every time.

Add Your Own Personal Touch

Everyone seems to have an opinion about what makes for the perfect guacamole. Some say that you must use a molcajete, a Mexican mortar, and pestle made out of volcanic rock, which forms a rough surface that allows the avocado’s nutrients to mix into the other ingredients more readily, while others prefer blenders to make it since it saves time. Some swear by using fresh limes rather than bottled lime juice. Yet other people say that you should add a little tomato or some jalapeño peppers for extra zing. The bottom line is that it’s not too hard to make guacamole, and adding your touches can make the flavor even better.

Use Ripe Avocados

One of the key ingredients in guacamole is ripe avocados. Look for avocados that are soft but not mushy; they should be firm enough to hold their shape but not so hard that you can’t dent them too easily. Use your hands to feel the outside of the avocado – if there are any dents where the stem would be on the other end, it means that it was under-ripened and will probably be too hard on the inside. Avocados that feel slightly soft to the touch tend to be ripe.

Add Seasoning

Guacamole is easy to make – simply mash your avocados using a blender or even a mortar, and pestle will work just as well. Add some seasoning like garlic powder, salt, and pepper (if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use cilantro or hot peppers to give it some extra zing). Add your ingredients and mix them. The lime juice will help keep the avocado from turning brown too fast, so don’t be afraid to leave this step out if you want your guacamole to last longer. When you’re done, you should have a perfect batch of guacamole that will be the hit of any party.

How to Store Guacamole 

You’ve just made a bowl of guacamole, and you want to store it for later. Here’s how:

1) Scoop out the guacamole into a container, leaving some space at the top so that air doesn’t touch the surface of the dip.

2) Cover with plastic wrap or tin foil, pressing down so that no air can get in around the edges.

3) Put the lid on the container tightly and immediately put it in the fridge. Guacamole will last up to 3 days this way!

4) If you want to store it for longer than 3 days, press a layer of cling film to the surface and cover it tightly with a lid before refrigerating. Guacamole will last up to 1 week this way!

Now that you know how it’s done, give this method a try the next time you make guacamole! You will enjoy great flavor and tremendous convenience.

Guacamole in a Blender FAQ

How long does it take to make guacamole in a blender?

It typically takes about 3 minutes, depending on the size of your avocado(s) and how much guacamole you are making. If you have multiple avocados, it might take a little extra time to process everything. It can take longer if you have a smaller-sized blender, but it should still only take around 5 minutes.

How long can you store guacamole?

Guacamole will last up to 3 days if stored as described above. If you want to store it for longer than that, press a layer of cling film to the surface and cover it tightly with a lid before refrigerating. Guacamole will last up to 1 week this way!

How should I serve the guacamole?

You can simply scoop it into a bowl and serve it with tortilla chips, but it’s fun (and reminds guests of the traditional Mexican dish) to make your own “tortillas” out of either raw tortillas or tostadas. Use a knife to cut the tortillas into cubes and fry them in oil until they turn golden brown. Drain them on paper towels before serving!

How do I add more flavor to guacamole?

Adding lime juice, chopped jalapeño peppers, cilantro, onion powder, and garlic powder are all ways to add flavor without adding to the calorie count! If you want something even more flavorful, try using mashed avocado as a “dressing” for your salad. It’s delicious on any non-leafy green vegetable and can easily turn a plate of steamed broccoli into an exciting meal!

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