Can You Puree With a Blender (5 Blender Suggestions)

If you have people in your home who are into eating pureed foods then you have no reason for not owning a blender. A blender can be used to puree food, and the best way to go about this process is by first cooking the food until it becomes very soft, you will then cut it into smaller chunks. The next step is to place them into your blender, better yet you could use an immersion blender and then add some little liquid to help puree the food.

Best Blenders That Can Be Used To Puree Food

Blender Type Speeds Action
Wolf Gourmet High-Performance Blender Infinitely variable speeds Check Price Here
Wancle Immersion Hand Blender 16 speed Check Price Here
Chefman Immersion Blender 12 speed Check Price Here
Vitamix 62827 Prep Food Blender N/A Check Price Here
Cleanblend Commercial Blender N/A Check Price Here

At what speeds should one puree in a blender?

Blenders feature varied processing speeds, and some have speeds that go as high as 16. Low speeds usually begin from 1 to 3 and on most occasions, most people remain at speed 3 because it is fast enough to meet their processing needs.

We were also keen to note that some of the blenders that come equipped with high speeds have also incorporated the pre-programmed functions and which facilitate ease of use. Some of the pre-programmed cycles are such as liquefy, crush or puree.

How to Puree Using a Soup Maker

Apart from the blender, there are other kitchen equipment that you can use to puree foods such as the soup maker.

First off, you will place the ingredients in the soup maker beginning with the stock and then you will add the remaining ingredients into the soup maker. The equipment is equipped with a smooth button which you will use to blend all the ingredients into a puree.

Cook the contents of the soup maker for about 20 minutes. If you were making food to feed the baby then you should check the temperature and taste before feeding the baby.

Can You Puree With a Blender

How to Puree Using a Juicer

In the absence of a blender, you can always use your juice to puree, and the process is very simple, keep reading. First off, you will wash the fruits and vegetables while getting rid of the seeds, strings, and skin. The next step is to attach the homogenizing body to the juicer and then proceed to add the ingredients one at a time. And once you are done pureeing all the ingredients you can transfer them to a jar, seal and store it.

How to Puree With a Food Processor

The mechanical process that food processors use to process foods saves time and ensures that you end up with the right consistency and texture. When making purees, a food processor happens to be the fastest and easiest equipment that you can use in the absence of a blender. The equipment has been configured to chop and smash whole items and produce a creamy consistency.

If you wish to invest in a food processor that you will be using to puree foods, you can check the below list.

Food Processor Model Capacity Wattage Action
Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11 cup 625 Watts Check Price Here
Hamilton Beach Food Processor 10 cups 450 Watts Check Price Here
Ninja Food Chopper Express 16-ounce bowl for mincing 200 Watts Check Price Here
Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor 16 cup 12000 Check Price Here

How to Puree By Mashing

They say old is gold and there is no problem in going classic, mashing is the ultimate savior when you don’t have the kitchen utensil that you can use to puree foods. So the best way to go about this is by first cooking the foods that you wish to puree. You can either steam, boil or bake foods up until they are tender, and then process to puree them by mashing.

If you want to puree fruits then you have to ensure that they are very ripe and very soft. Fruits such as avocadoes, bananas, and cooked fruits like apples, squashes, and pears can be pureed with a fork or a potato masher.


The two guaranteed methods that you can adopt when it comes to pureeing food, is by using a blender or a food processor. If you, therefore, decide to invest in a food processor be sure to get one that has been equipped with sharp blades, a strong motor this you can establish by checking on the wattage. Also, check on the feed tube, it should be large enough to fit large chunks of food. 

A Buying Guide for the Best Blender to Puree Food

Blender capacity

Blender capacity is a major consideration for individuals who wish to puree in large amounts. What’s more, is the amount of puree that you make greatly relates to the size of your family or the people that you want to feed. Overall is that when it comes to blender capacity then it is personal.

Motor power

Motor power has everything to do with the texture of puree that you end up with. A high wattage blender can be used to puree the fibrous vegetables when compared to the low power motor kind of blender. Ideally, one should settle with a blender that has high motor power as this will enable you to puree even the hardest and fibrous roots.`

Additional functions

Blenders are long-term gadgets, and the more versatile they are the better for use. Blenders equipped with more functional buttons are the best because apart from alternating between the different speeds, you also get to utilize the other functional buttons such as the pre-programmed button.

BPA Free

Blenders make it easy when it comes to making the baby’s or an invalid’s food. A BPA-free blender means that the blender jug is safe from harmful toxins (BPA) that people get exposed to when they use plastic cups plates and pitchers. Ideally, if you wish to purchase a completely safe blender to use then it should be BPA-free.

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