Can You Put Blender Bottle In The Dishwasher?

Blender bottles are very popular kitchen gadgets and are made by different bottle brands and come in different shapes and sizes. There’s a lot of conflicting information about the type of containers you can safely put in the dishwasher and which ones you can’t.

Since blender bottles are made of plastic, can you put the Blender bottle in the dishwasher? Yes, you can. Blender bottles come with a surgical-grade stainless steel blender ball wire whisk that moves around to mix the ingredients in the bottle. All the components of the blender bottle are dishwasher safe, but it’s best to put the cup and lid at the top rack of your dishwasher away from the heating element while you can place the wire whisk and blender ball in the silverware bin to help secure them during the wash cycle. You can also wash the blender bottle by hand using warm soapy water.

How does a blender bottle work?

You can easily and quickly make a protein shake with your blender bottle, just drop the blender ball wire whisk then add the ingredients into the cup, screw on the lid, flip the cap tight and shake to mix. The wire whisk will move freely in the bottle as you shake it mixing even thick ingredients like peanut butter and protein powder to make your favorite smoothie.

When you’re making a protein shake, make sure you first add the liquid ingredients then add the protein powder and other thicker ingredients. And if you’re making recipes without the protein powder, always add the liquid ingredients then the thicker ingredients afterward. You can use the blender bottle to mix any type of drink you can imagine and the best thing is that the metal ball doesn’t peel or rust.

How to wash blender bottles in the dishwasher

Though you can place your blender bottle in the dishwasher, it’s best to wash it by hand as this helps to ensure its longevity. Depending on your dishwasher, its settings, and where you place the bottle in the washer, over time your bottle may still get damaged from the dishwasher’s heat which can cause the plastic to warp and damage the seal.

  • Most blender bottles are dishwasher safe, but you need to be careful when cleaning them. Here are a few tips that will help you to clean and maintain your blender bottle.
  • While some blender bottle manufacturers recommend that you put your blender bottle in the utensil tray in your dishwasher, you should put the lid and cup in the top rack.
  • Never rinse your blender bottle with hot or warm water or use hot liquids to blend your drinks since they aren’t meant to handle high temperatures. This also means you shouldn’t place the bottle in a microwave.
  • Always check the cleaning instructions on your blender bottle. Check the user manual provided or the manufacturer’s website before you use the product.
  • As mentioned earlier, blender bottles aren’t designed to handle high temperatures so, use lukewarm water instead of hot water when cleaning any residue and odors in the bottle.
  • As indicated in most of the user manuals, only the insulated Radian should be washed by hand, but you can also clean the other blender parts with mild soap and lukewarm water. Avoid course and rough soap as it can damage the sides of the bottle.

How to clean leftover residue and unpleasant smell in your blender bottle

One of the major problems most people face when using their blender bottles is the bad odor and residue left by the protein and nutritional shakes that can stain your bottle.

Using natural ingredients Using chemicals
Warm soapy water Hydrogen peroxide
Lemon juice Listerine
Coffee grounds Baking soda and water
Salt Vinegar and water
Straw cleaner

Soak in warm soapy water

Soaking your blender bottle can easily remove all the lingering odors from the shakes and food. If the residue has hardened in the bottle, soak it in warm water for 10-15 minutes to loosen it up. Also, soak the lid, then afterward use a microfiber cloth to clean the bottle and lid and pay more attention to the mouthpiece and cab.

Use lemon juice

The acid in the lemon juice acts as a deodorizer that can break down the bacteria and microorganisms that are causing the bad odor. You can use freshly squeezed or store-bought lemon juice and mix a ¼ cup with water then pour it in the bottle. Shake the bottle for about 10 minutes then let it sit for about 2 minutes. Pour out the juice and rinse the bottle with cold water.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is an odor-absorbing kitchen product that you can safely use on plastics. To remove the odor in your blender bottle add 2 teaspoons of baking soda into the bottle or make a paste and shake it to cover the entire bottle. Let it sit for 30 minutes then rinse the bottle with cold water.

Use vinegar and water

Vinegar is known as a good natural disinfectant that is readily available. You can use distilled vinegar to get rid of the unpleasant smell in your blender bottle. First, clean the bottle with soapy water then soak it in a mixture of vinegar and warm water for about 30 minutes.

Use coffee grounds

Just like baking soda, coffee grounds can also help to deodorize your blender bottle. Pour a cup or two of coffee grounds into your blender bottle and let it sit overnight, then rinse it with cold water in the morning.


Blender bottles are very easy to clean using a dishwasher or by hand. However, you need to be careful where you place the different parts of the bottle in your dishwasher to avoid causing damage.


Are blender bottles worth it?

The blender ball does a great job of mixing any type of drink and if your drink starts to separate, you just need to give it a quick shake.

Are blender bottles good for smoothies?

Although the blender bottle is designed for mixing powders with liquids, it’s also a great smoothie cup.

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