Can You Put Meat in a Blender? (How To Guide)

Modern culinary practices have introduced new ways of cooking, and when it comes to meat, there are so many different uses for it. Ground meat is quite popular and can serve as a food seasoner. These days, ground meat is used to make patties, meatballs, sausages, and different recipes you can think of. However, to make ground meat, most people rely on a meat grinder, but what if you don’t have one? Can you put meat in a blender? What will be the outcome?

The Art of Grinding Meat in a Blender

A blender is a perfect alternative for grinding meat if you don’t have a meat grinder. While it is possible to grind meat in a blender, you need to realize that not all blenders can handle large meat chunks. If your blender is not a heavy-duty model, it will be unable to grind the meat perfectly if they are too big. This is why it is important to buy an ideal model if you plan to grind meat with it.

Things to Consider When Using a Blender To Grind Meat

Before you grind your meat in your blender, here are some things you need to do.

Do not grind hot meat

If you have just finished cooking the meat, don’t be in haste to grind it. Instead, give it some time to cool down before you do so.

Irregular sizes

If you expect the meat to be cut to the same size, you will be disappointed. To get the sizes you want, you will need a meat grinder for that. To get something close to what you desire, try cutting the meat into smaller bits with a knife before throwing them into the blender.

Debone the meat

If your meat has bones, make sure you debone it before you grind to prevent it from getting stuck in between the blades. You also want to ensure that the blades are strong enough to handle the task at hand. If the blades are too fragile, grinding meat with them will ruin the blades.

Don’t wash

Many people make the mistake of washing their meat before grinding, but this practice is wrong. Meat washing can lead to contamination by bacteria. As long as it is well cooked, the heat would have killed off germs, so there is no need to wash before you grind.

Freeze leftovers

We advise that you only grind what you need but if you have some excess left, preserve it in your fridge until when next you will need it. However, make sure you don’t freeze for too long, as this will lead to nutrient loss.

How to Grind Meat in a Blender

Grinding meat in a blender is not a hard job, or you follow these stores highlighted below. But remember that the quality of results will depend on the capacity of the blender (blade quality and motor speed). Blenders with 1000 watt motors and higher are perfect for grinding meat since they work faster. Also, if the meat is very soft due to proper cooking and you cut them into smaller bits, the blender will break them down easily.

Let’s take a look at the steps to take.

 Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is to debone the meat. Use a knife to remove tough skin and bones for a smooth grinding process.

Step 2

The next step is to cut the meat into smaller sizes. The smaller the sizes, the better since you want to spend as little time as possible grinding it.

Step 3

All ungrounded meat should be kept in a bowl to regulate temperature.

Step 4

Now, place the meat in the blender in batches and let the motor run for 30 seconds at most. Continue to blend for as long as possible until you get your desired result.

Points To Remember

The choice is yours whether you want to blend the meat all at once or in batches. If you are grinding a substantial amount and you want to keep them all in the blending jar, you can start with smaller batches then add more as you make progress.

Also, note that poorly cooked meat is tougher and thereby harder to grind. So you want to make sure that you cook the meat perfectly. It is also important that you cut your meat to size to make it easier for the blade to break them down.

Keeping Your Meat Fresh

In the previous paragraph, we talked about freezing leftover ground meat as a preservation technique. This practice may work but it will not keep your meat fresh. To maintain the freshness you will have to use some materials.

One of the best materials is baking soda. By adding a pinch of baking soda to the meats, it will remain fresh in your freezer until when you will need it.

Baking soda will raise the pH level and prevent water loss and protein bonding so whenever you decide to use it, you expect nothing less than a fresh condiment for your recipe.


Can you put meat in a blender? The simple answer is yes and beyond that, you can use a blender in place of a meat grinder to grind your meat. However, do note that a blender will not give you the same results as a grinder but something close to it. Just make sure your meat is well cooked and you cut them into tiny bits before you blend.


Q: Can I grind chicken in a blender?

A: Yes, you can. Chicken is one of the most preferred meats for grinding and with a smooth blending process, you will get your desired result. All you have to do is ensure that your meat is well cooked before adding it to the blender.

Q: Will my blender break down meat?

A: Of course. A blender is a powerful machine and depending on the motor power, you will get your desired result. Some powerful blenders can even grind rice to produce flour as well as maize for meal making.

Q: Is it safe to grind raw meat in a blender?

A: Yes, it is safe if you follow the correct procedures. This means that you should ensure your meat is well cooked and you cut them into tiny bits before adding them to the blender.

Q: How do I grind meat in a blender?

A: By now, you know how to grind meat in a blender; all you have to do is make sure that your meat is cooked and cut into tiny bits before adding it to the blender. Then you just follow the steps of blending and enjoy your fresh ground meat.

Q: Will my blender break down bones?

A: If the motor power is more than 1000 watts, then yes, it can break even bones with ease. So if you plan on grinding tough meat with bones, you need to get a very powerful blender.

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