Can You Take a Blender on a Plane?

If you are going for a vacation and you will need to fly from your city to your destination, there are certain items you may want to bring along. If you plan to bring your blender along, there are certain things you should consider.

Just in case you didn’t know, some items are not allowed on airplanes, and you may be surprised if the airport officials prevent you from bringing your blender along. So can you take a blender on a plane? Read on to know more.

Can You Take a Blender on a Plane?

You can bring a blender along for your flight, but there are certain conditions to keep in mind. The blender cannot be left exposed but kept in a bag away from view. Secondly, the blade must be removed and wrapped securely to prevent injuries ad airport officials handle your luggage.

According to the Transport Security Administration, sharp objects are not allowed on board if they are not sheathed, including blender blades.

As is standard practice at airports, inspectors search and transfer passenger luggage from one point to another, and if there are sharp objects included in them, it may cause injuries.

This best explains why many passengers get offended when they are not allowed to bring certain objects officials deem dangerous onboard.

can you bring a blender on a plane

3 Reasons Why You May Be Prevented from Bringing Your Blender Onboard

There are several reasons why you may be prevented from bringing your blender onboard, but here are a few of them.

Failure to remove the blade: TSA rules frown at blenders brought onboard with the blade on. The blade does not have to be kept in a separate bag, but if it is not removed from the blender, you will not be allowed to bring it onboard

The blade was not wrapped: If the blade was removed but not securely wrapped or secured in a bag, it may fall off and cause injuries to handlers. This is why TSA protocols insist that blades and any other sharp objects must be secured in a bag with no exposed part showing for safety reasons.

The Agent does not allow it: You may remove and secure the blade properly, but if you are unlucky, you may come across an agent who may still stop you from bringing it aboard. TSA agents have the final word on whether to allow your blender onboard or not. If you are not allowed by the agent, you have the option to appeal the decision if you want.

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Things to Know Before You Bring Your Blender on a Plane

Before you decide to bring your blender along with you for your next trip, here are some things to do or plan for.

Do Your Due diligence

Before you make the trip to the airport to board the plane, it will be in your best interest to do your due diligence. This entails researching the items you are allowed and the ones you are not allowed to bring onboard. The best place to check is the websites of the

·       TSA

·       FAA

·       PHMSA

These agencies have different regulations, so we recommend that you do your findings before buying your plane ticket. If you will be traveling with several items, you may want to check each one to be sure before you add them to your luggage.

Airport Rules

While TSA, FAA, and PHMSA regulations are important, you also need to be aware that some airports have their own private security rules and regulations that staff adhere to.

These non-TSA staffs operate based on TSA and airport rules. If, for any reason, you feel that some of your items may not be allowed by the airport officials, consider checking the airport website to know if your items will pass their security checks.

Checking before you buy your ticket will save you the stress of arguing with officials or losing some of your valuable items.

Also, note that the rules of the departure airport are not the only ones to be mindful of. You also need to be mindful of what is obtainable in the destination airport. While destination airport officials may operate according to similar guidelines as the departure airport, there are occasions when a traveler may be flagged for carrying an item that was not flagged at the departure airport.

So we recommend that you do your findings ahead of time to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Airline rules

Another thing to bear in mind is that the airline you are traveling with may have its own rules. Some airlines may reject items that others accept and vice versa. While these rules may be slightly different from TSA rules, they serve to strengthen security, not to replace them. So an airline may not accept your blender onboard even if TSA officials allow you to pass through. This is why we advise travelers to refrain from carrying items that may be rejected at the airport or onboard unless

·       They are 100% sure that they will be allowed on board

·       They can’t do without the item (including blenders)

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 How To Prepare Your Blender Blades For Travel

TSA has specific requirements for wrapped blades before they can be allowed on board. Here are some ways you can wrap your blade while maintaining the safety of everyone on board.

The best option is to get a kitchen knife bag like this one. This costs less than $40 and will not only keep the blade from falling off, but it also ensure that the blade is not exposed at any time. You can also buy one that has a secure closing mechanism, which means that the blade won’t fall off even if you turn it upside down.

You can also consider getting a bag for your blender along with the other free items provided by some airlines, but this may not be 100% safe.

You can also opt to buy a blender travel case. However, this will likely cost at least $40 or more, so you may have to save up for it. This is a good investment because these cases are specifically designed to ensure that your blades arrive unscathed.

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So can you take a blender on a plane? Yes, you can, but you will have to abide by TSA rules. These rules may be a little confusing, but if you take the time to understand them, you will have no problems.

Just make sure you remove the blades from the blender and have them properly wrapped up and secured. You will also need to secure the blender in a carry bag.

As long as you keep them secure and away from plain sight you will most likely be allowed to bring the blender onboard. But do note that TSA officials have the final say as to whether to allow the blender onboard or not.

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Can you take a blender on a plane? FAQs

What happens if TSA officials do not allow my blender on board?

You have the option to appeal the decision if you want. This is a right that every traveler has. You can either speak with a manager or submit an official complaint online, via mail, or by fax. It will be in your best interest to file an official complaint because this will be the only way to hold TSA officials accountable.

An important thing to note is that you will not get compensated for your loss. This means that if the blender fell out of your bag while being checked, or if it was wrongly rejected because TSA officials were unsure about its contents, you will have no way of getting it back unless you file an official complaint.

What happens during a lost blender complaint?

If they find that your blender is wrongly rejected, they will ask you to go back to the TSA area so you can pick it up. They may also give you a voucher in case there is no time for you to get your blender. But they won’t compensate you for your loss. Also, bear in mind that filing a complaint may not get you compensation because it all depends on the TSA staff.

What happens if I take my blender to check in?

You will have no problems with the blender being rejected at check-in if you are using a carry bag. However, make sure that the blade has been removed before checking in or placing it in a carry bag.

What if I can’t take my blender through security?

If you are unable to carry the blender through security, do remember that TSA has an office where you can pick up your items after clearing the TSA area. The location of this office will vary depending on where you cleared security. But if you forgot to pick up your blender at the office, you can always ask TSA to ship it back to you.

What is the best way to carry my blender through security?

The best way to go about carrying your blender through security is by wrapping up the blades in protective material. This will ensure that if anyone checks out your bag, they won’t be suspicious about what’s inside. Also, make sure you keep the blender at the top of your bag so that it doesn’t end up in a place where TSA officials can’t easily spot it.

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