Can You Use Blender Instead Of Food Processor?

We all love to have healthy and fresh homemade dishes that satisfy your taste buds while still ensuring your body gets the proper nutrition. However, preparing the food from scratch can be a tedious job and can use up a lot of your energy. That’s why you need kitchen appliances like food processors and blenders to make your work easier.

While in most cases, we tend to use a blender in the same way as a food processor, but Can You Use Blender Instead Of Food Processor? Yes, you can use a blender instead of a food processor but you’ll have to adjust the way you use it to achieve similar results to what a food processor does. However, you need to remember that there are limitations to what a blender can do in place of a food processor like using it for smaller batches and cant use it to knead the dough and make pastry dough.

How to use a blender as a food processor

A food processor is designed with different tools that help to cut the food into different sizes, but a blender only has one cutting tool for roughly chopping or blending. So, the only thing you cant use a blender for is to grate, shred or slice food.

Change your blender settings

First, you need to adjust the settings on your blender depending on the food you want to blend and the desired results. Depending on the number of speeds on your blender, you’ll need to try different settings to get the correct speed. For purees set your blender at the highest speed, for course, food use the pulse setting, and for chopping ingredients use the slowest speed setting.

Use small batched of ingredients

When blending, do it in small batches as the blender cant hold a lot of ingredients at once which will make it harder to chop. Put half the amount you’d put in the food processor and increase the amount as you go. This will give you the same consistency as the food processor would. Loading too many ingredients at once will give the food at the top to have a different consistency from the food at the bottom.

Use a slow blending process

A blender operates at a higher speed than the food processor which will make your food or drink a lot smoother than intended. Instead of blending for a longer period, you can use the pulse setting to mimic the power of a food processor.

Use less liquid

To produce the same work as a food processor, try using less liquid at the start so your food doesn’t turn watery. But since you’re using a blender, you can add a little amount of liquid to create a smoother texture.

Avoid using the puree and liquefier settings

Blenders are designed to make liquid drinks, puree soups, and crush ice, but food processors are designed to chop and combine ingredients. So make sure you don’t use the puree settings for chopping foods.

Foods you can prepare using a blender or a food processor

Foods Blender Food processor
Minced or chopped veggies No Yes
Smoothie Yes No
Dough Yes Adequately
Dressing Yes Adequately
Shredded cheese No Yes
Butter Adequately Yes
Soup or puree Yes Adequately

Other food processor alternatives

A mixer

If you want to achieve the best results with minimum effort in the shortest time possible, a mixer is a great option. The manual handheld mixer is mostly used to beat eggs and mix baking ingredients to a fine texture. There is also an electric mixer that simplifies things. Both are used for preparing baking ingredients and help to aerate the dough mixture.

A chopper

A food chopper is very useful when making certain recipes and food items and helps to save you time. Its job is very particular which makes it very simple to use, so all you need to do is put the whole pieces of food through the chopper and put the chopped pieces in a bowl for use.

A large grater

A food processor is useful and popular because it’s a versatile appliance in the kitchen. A large grate can cut foods into different sizes or mince them in different ways. This gives you the freedom of shaping your veggies, fruits, and meat depending on your preferred shapes. The sharp edges of a grater can easily cut your hand if you’re not careful when using it. However, it will take you longer to produce the same results as a food processor.

A grinder

You can use a compact modern grinder to crush, mash and cut different food items. They come in different varieties with some designed specifically for mincing meat while others are for crushing nuts. However, when it comes to the food processor substitute, the meat grinder will be more effective than the others. Grinders are heavy machines that are difficult to move around so it’s best to keep them in one place. You can use it to turn your food into a fine powder or a sticky pulp.

Can You Use Blender Instead Of Food Processor? Conclusion

Having a food processor and a blender in your kitchen is very useful since both serve different functions. However, if you cant buy both you can decide which one to get depending on the foods you intend to cook. Food processors are designed to perform multiple tasks, but you can also use a blender to perform some of the tasks all you need to do is to adjust the blender settings and change how you use it. However, you cant use a blender to chop, shred or cut.


Can I use a blender instead of a food processor for hummus?

You can make hummus on both a food processor and a powerful blender like Vitamix that is faster and makes smoother hummus than a food processor.

Can I use a blender for dry ingredients?

The standard blades in a blender aren’t designed to be effective in grinding dry ingredients. The height of the blender jar will cause the fine particles of ground spices to take time to settle.

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