Ninja Blender Comparison (Full Reviews And Guide)

If you’re planning on adopting a healthier lifestyle filled with fruits & vegetables, then smoothies are pretty much the first stop in the diet lane. But of course, you’ll need an efficient blender for that.

We get it. You have an old blender that slightly gets the job done. However, if you’re planning to crush frozen fruits, vegetables, and ice to get that perfect blend of smoothie, you cannot beat the efficiency of an advanced blender, and we have the perfect brand in mind – NINJA!

Ninja blenders are an extremely powerful and popular machine, and we’re certain having one of these will pretty much fix the majority, if not all your blending issues. But with a variety of models spread across the market, it can get overwhelming, especially if you’re new to Ninja blenders.

So to ease your search, we have compiled a detailed guide and comparison of the 5 best Ninja blenders currently available. Stick around to see which blender takes the win. Here is an overview list of which blenders we will be reviewing today.

  • Ninja BN801 – Best Overall
  • Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro – Best Personal blender
  • Ninja BL642  –  Best High Performance
  • Ninja BL610 – Best Budget Blender
  • Ninja BL770 – Best Classic Blender

Let’s get started with a comprehensive review without wasting much time.

Ninja Blender Comparison – Top 5 Blenders


Ninja BN801 – Best Overall

First up on our list is one of the latest products among Ninjas professional kitchen system series. As one would expect from Ninja, the product does not disappoint. BN801 comes in hot, fully equipped with single-serve cups, a full-sized pitcher, and a convenient food processor kit.

Auto-IQ Technology

One significant improvement we can see the BN801 bring to the table is the Auto-IQ technology that offers five different walk-away blending programs. This neat addition enables instant activation depending on whichever container is on. You get access to multiple blending cycles such as smoothie & crush mode, extract mode, and chop & dough function. Let’s just say the Auto-IQ technology is a fitting successor to the Mega Kitchen System.

Extremely Versatile

Given it belongs to the prestigious Ninja Kitchen System, you can expect a lot from the BN801 in terms of functionality. From smoothies to processing meat, the range is impressively versatile. The set-up process requires a bit of attention, particularly to the locking mechanism (If you’re new to the whole Ninja blender series).

Safety Features Included

Attaching the container isn’t an easy game either, as blade and lid assembly is required. The machine is impossible to run without securing every part in place. This is because the blender is designed with safety in mind, which in the end, isn’t necessarily a mood killer.

Easy To Use 

Keep in mind that once you get accustomed to the set-up process, the operational process is a walk in the park. It comes with a manual speed control backed by a pulse option along with preprogrammed Auto-IQ settings – perfect for everyday recipes. Additionally, every attachment is dishwasher safe, thus, making it all the easier to clean. Plus, its sleek design without protruding buttons offers an easy wipe & clean option for the control panel.

The Ninja BN801 is an easy win for those looking for functionality and value paired with a modern look. It’s the perfect balance of functionality & affordability – something Ninja isn’t short of giving to its consumers.


·      Contemporary design

·      Value for money

·      It features 5 walk-away blending programs

·      It comes attached with a food processor

·      The pitcher comes with labeled measurements

·      Built-in timer


·      Not compatible with hot soup

·      It may not suit specific countertop spaces given its tall structure

·      The machine is quite loud

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Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro – Best Personal Blender

The BN402 Nutri Pro is undoubtedly a powerful blender currently available on the market. It is one of the newest lineups in the Ninja series, and as always, Ninja delivers with yet another solid personal blender. Given that it’s a newer model, it has several improvements when compared to the previous Ninja blenders.

Contemporary Design

Right away, the most noticeable update is the contemporary design of the machine. This is an excellent addition to your kitchen if you want to spice up your aesthetics. Although it’s a personal blender, the Ninja BN401 can perform more than simply blend smoothies. You can also utilize the blender to make numerous food items like salad dressing, nut milk, frozen dessert, and more. Another important aspect of this machine is the improved and powerful motor that can easily pulverize hard ingredients.

Usage And Versatility  

However, keep in mind that the Nutri Pro isn’t exactly cut out for grinding hot liquids and thick blends like smoothie bowls. Now, in terms of usability, there isn’t much to complain about. As with previous models of Ninja blenders, this one also comes with the safety assembly feature. It’s a basic push & twist process, except the buttons light up – meaning it’s ready for operation. This offers secure usage as the machine won’t start when installed incorrectly.

Auto-Blend Setting

The blender comes equipped with the Auto-IQ mode with its auto blend setting modeled as a smoothie button. This single-touch program is highly compatible with softer ingredients like liquid, powder, fresh & frozen fruits. Meanwhile, its ultra-blend mode is converted as a crush button – ideal for blending challenging ingredients like root vegetables, celery, and ice.

Efficient Blend Settings

What’s great about these Auto-IQ programs is that they come with their very own blending patterns & duration to improve efficiency. Hence, these one-touch settings make the machine incredibly convenient for daily use. However, the machine is not as convenient in terms of noise. Despite being a compact blender, it produces a loud noise comparable to large countertop blenders.

The Nutri Pro Ninja is an excellent portable blender backed by a powerful 1100-watt power. It is also a relatively newer model, and thus, the machine is 10 to 20% more robust than its predecessors. Plus, the Auto-IQ dual one-touch program paired with its two 24-ounce travel cups makes it a compelling purchase for those with a hectic lifestyle.


·      Compact & modern aesthetic

·      It features Auto-iQ programs

·      Digital control panel

·      It includes a recipe book

·      Enhanced motor

·      The machine is dishwasher safe


·      Not suitable for carbonized drinks or hot liquids

·      Loud

·      Solid ingredients have to be chopped before blending

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Ninja BL642  – Best High-Performance Blender

The Ninja BL642, aka Ninja Blender DUO, is an excellent pick for those searching for a combination of high-performing personal blenders & large countertop blenders. With this dual-purpose machine, you’ll get both single-serve cups along with a 72-ounce jar. In terms of features, it’s a high-performance blender packed with a 1200 watt motor with the famous Total Crushing Blades.

Versatile Blender

The Auto-IQ technology further allows the machine to expand its versatility by performing several tasks apart from making smoothies and shakes. In simple terms, it means preprogrammed settings tailored specifically for everyday food items you’ll create through the blender.

The control panel displays 4 buttons on the surface: the first 2 for the pitcher and the remaining second half intended for the Nutri Ninja cup. It also features 3-speed levels you can choose from, along with a pulse button.

Perfect For Ice Crushing

Its powerful “Total Crushing Blades,” also deemed as “ice crushers,” does not disappoint at all. It can instantly turn ice into snow in no time, and you can expect this machine to be a great ally for creating sorbets. However, BL642 has certain flaws, like its inability to process dry ingredients or make hot soup.

On another note, the Ninja BL642 pro extractor blades are compatible with Nutri Ninja cups so, if you’re looking for a finer blend of smoothie, we suggest you make use of that.

Easy To Operate 

Now, let’s get on with the set-up & operational process of the machine. The BL642 tends to be somewhere in between. It’s not as easy, but it’s also not as difficult once you put on a few tries. As with most Ninja blenders, this does not come with a fixed blade assembly as well. Hence we suggest removing the blades before you pour out the smoothie blend.

Overall, Ninja BL642 effortlessly qualifies as an attractive machine with a lot to offer in terms of design and functionality. Sure, it has its flaws, but that doesn’t prevent the machine from being a high-performance beast. Plus, it is effortlessly easy to clean, courtesy of its detachable parts.


·      Modern design

·      It features three different-sized cups

·      It comes with five walk-away blend settings

·      Huge liquid capacity of up to 64-ounce

·      It features a digital timer

·      Easy to clean & dishwasher safe


·      A bit bulky

·      A little difficult to operate

·      A loud machine

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Ninja BL610 – Best Budget Blender

Originally marketed as an ice-crushing blender during its initial release, the Ninja BL610 is yet another blast from the past, and we have good reasons for bringing this gem of a machine back.

High Powered Motor

First and foremost, the company wasn’t lying about its crushing abilities, and yes, it can crush more than ice – courtesy of its stacked blade paired with a robust motor. It is ideal for making various items like smoothies, nut milk, salad dressing, sauces, & dips. Plus, the blades are removable for easy access during its cleaning process.

Easy To Operate Controls

Looking at its control system, it has a pretty straightforward panel with 5 buttons, including the main power switch, and you get 3-speed levels to choose from along with pulse control. The blender also comes fully prepped with a 72-oz crushing pitcher with its Total Crushing Blade.

The blender is relatively easy to use. However, the whole total crushing blade and its pitcher make the assembly to pouring transition a bit complicated. We suggest you either use the spout or remove the blades (before pouring) for a safe transition. The blender is a standalone countertop, making the BL610 incompatible with Nutri Ninja cups and its food processor attachments.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Ninja BL610 isn’t the newest piece of machine on our list, but it still tops off as an excellent entry-level budget-friendly blender. Yes, there are newer options, but this is undoubtedly a great pick if you happen to be on a tight budget.


·      Sleek minimalist design

·      Great safety features

·      Highly affordable

·      A powerful ice crusher

·      BPA-free

·      Dishwasher safe


·      It’s a little complicated to use

·      A bit outdated

·      No compatible accessories

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Ninja BL770 – Best Classic Blender

Bringing an end to our list is the Ninja BL770, also considered one of Ninja’s first-ever multifunctional blenders. This 1500-Watt kitchen system doubles as a countertop blender and a powerful food processor.

The BL770 is a monster when it comes to performing multiple tasks, all except for one – smoothies (but we’ll get to that in a sec). The blender also comes with an additional food processor attachment, enabling you to mince, grind, chop, and process meet.

Multiple Accessories Inlcuded

Moving on to the operational aspect of the product, it has a simple operation with a total of six buttons – pulse, 1, 2, 3-speed control, single-serve mode & a power switch. The blender is further accompanied by several accessories such as the Total Crushing Blade, pitcher, two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups (lids included), small pro extracted blades, along with a complete food processing kit (chopping & kneading blades included).

As mentioned earlier, BL770 is not the best in blending smoothies, but we do have a suggestion. To get a finer blend, you can utilize Nutri Ninja cups. Surprisingly, the single-serve cup and pro extractor are deemed more efficient than its large 72-ounce crushing pitcher.

In all honesty, the pitcher is a bit challenging which is a quirk that applies to every Ninja blender equipped with its stacked blade system. Since the blades are detachable, it tends to fall off while pouring smoothies – an issue you can prevent with the Ninja cups, hence, the suggestion. On the plus side, every detachable part is dishwasher safe.

Although it was launched several years ago, Ninja Bl770 continues to be a classic and a hit till today. Overall, it has redeeming qualities, making it a high-performing blender with very little to lose on value.


·      Budget-friendly

·      Classic design

·      Tamper-free system

·      Multifunctional

·      Powerful 1500-watt motor

·      Dishwasher safe


·      Bulky profile

·      Loud

·      Old product, however, a newer version is available.

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Our Verdict

Best Overall Blender – Ninja BN801

The Ninja BN801 is hands down the best all-in-one blender. The machine itself has a powerful motor of 1400-watt and a large processor bowl with a capacity of 64-ounce, and it also provides an additional two 24-ounce cups.

Yes, the product is not exactly the cheapest, but it provides excellent value, making it worth the investment. It’s the perfect blender if you want something functional with a big capacity without the fear of splashing out a little.

Best Personal Blender – Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro

The BN401 Nutri Pro is perhaps the best budget-friendly blender, especially in the personal blender department. Additionally, its detachable parts and automatic blend setting make the Nutri Pro all the more attractive.

It’s an easy win for those interested in a compact, high-performance personal blender. No product is perfect. Hence, this one misses out in certain areas as well, but it quickly makes up for it with its affordable price tag.

Best High-Performance Hybrid Blender – Ninja BL642

The Ninja BL642 is simply the best among the hybrid option. It’s a great 2-in-1 blender (countertop & personal) backed by a powerful 1200 watts and tons of features.

It is highly affordable, which is a solid bonus is considering the value you get with such a versatile and functional blender.

Best Budget Blender – Ninja BL610

The Ninja BL610 is a fantastic blender that yields excellent value and functionality when placed against its cheap price tag. It comes with a huge pitcher (72-ounce) and a decent blend despite its 1000-wt motor – which is quite understandable given it’s not the latest model.

Overall the Ninja BL610 remains a great product under budget-friendly blenders. If you’re tight on budget, this is the best pick to get the best value and let’s just say you get more than what you pay.

Best Budget-Friendly Classic Blender – Ninja BL770

The Ninja BL770 is a classic blender that continues to be an excellent deal as a multipurpose appliance. Despite being an old product, there is still much to adore and gain from the BL770, which is why it’s worthy of being called the best.

Yes, you can’t really expect walk-away programs from this one, but you can count on its 1500-watt power to give great performance and functionality.

Best blender with glass pitcher

Buyer Guide: Choosing the Best Ninja Blender

Here are some essential factors to focus on when choosing the best Ninja blender suited for your situation.

Motor Power

Typically with Ninja blenders, higher voltage equals faster performance, producing much more consistent results within seconds. Since they are countertop units, the blender is often built to perform continuously without overwhelming the motor the way a cheaper blender might. Now, this usually does make the blenders more bulky and expensive.

So if you’re searching for a powerful blender that can efficiently perform heavy-duty tasks such as blending frozen fruits or chopping vegetables, consider going for a high-powered motor containing at least 1100 watts. These are guaranteed to crush even ice into snow & blend nuts into a silky smooth spread – all without overheating the motor.

Now, this doesn’t mean blenders with lower watts of 600 to 900 are not a good option. It’s just that they are designed for performing much lighter tasks, and since their power is much lesser, they cannot run continuously. Hence they aren’t suitable for processing hot or dry blends. However, if your end goal is to purchase a light blender, these are still a great option.

Pitcher Size

Before you go ahead with your purchase, stop and think for a moment, figure out the amount of food you plan on making regularly using the blender. This step is essential because a bigger jar often requires more storage space; plus, it tends to be expensive as well.

This is why choosing the wrong blender size tends to be a bit of a nuisance. If it’s too big, you overspend only to have it clutter up your counter space, and it may not perform up to the mark if it’s small. But everyone purchases a product tailored for a specific reason. Hence, if you plan on purchasing one only for yourself, personal blenders ranging between 16 to 24-ounces are more than enough to check the list.

Now, if you’re looking for one that can support a family or commercial use, consider getting one that supports a minimum of 64-oz capacity. These are perfect for large-scale uses as it offers more volume & power. Just remember to account for space and prep ahead.


Ninja blenders with higher pricing usually come with more solid construction and heavy-duty motors. The higher the price, the higher the accessories, power, and maybe even more advanced features.

Expensive Ninja blenders are usually countertop models which typically range from $150 to $200. This heavy price tag also means these blenders are highly multifunctional with the capacity to handle both soft and hard foods.

But there are cheaper countertop Ninja blenders that can handle large blends, although at a much slower rate and, of course, contain fewer fancy displays. Among the cheaper Ninja options, you’ll find single-serve blenders. These are compact, efficient, and easy to use but contain very little feature.

Despite the pricing, cheaper Ninja blenders are equally durable, and the only difference is the number of facilities & features you get between the two. At the end of the day, you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

Why You Should Get Ninja Blender

Ninja is undoubtedly a big player that delivers on its promise of efficient products when it comes to small kitchen appliances. The reason why Ninja Blenders top the chart is due to its balance of affordability & valuable features.

The bottom line is Ninja blenders aren’t only cut out for blending refreshing smoothies. It’s an all-around dependable kitchen companion, and we hope our guide, review, and comparison directs you towards the best Ninja Blender for you.

It’s important to understand that each blender varies according to its features. Hence, the best blender will generally depend on the kind of needs & functions you expect from a blender.


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