Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender Review | High Powered & Large Pitcher!

The Ninja NJ600 comes with a large 72 oz. pitcher that you can use to serve up to nine cups. The 1000-watt motor is capable of crushing through ice and other hard ingredients. The NJ600 is versatile and easy to use. It is also affordable considering the specifications. It NJ600 comes with Ninja patented blade that ensures smooth blending of ingredients. This means you need to be extra careful when washing the blades as they are quite sharp.

What we liked:

  • Large 72 oz. pitcher ideal for saving large families
  • Single serve blade assembly
  • Three speed (blending, mixing, and ice crushing)
  • High powered machine delivering 1000 watts

What we did not like:

  • Due to the high blending capacity the unit can be quite noisy


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Ninja NJ600 professional blender Specifications

Characteristic Specifications
Power 1,000watts
Speed 3-speed (ideal for blending, crushing & mixing
Warranty 1-year
Chord length Two feet
Materials BPA and dishwasher safe
Pitcher size 72 oz.

Ninja NJ600 professional blender Features

Motor Power

The NJ600 is a powerful blender with a 1000-watt motor. This is enough to cut through ice hence turning ice blocks into flake. It does this in a few seconds. On the downside it is not one of the most efficient blenders in the market. You can use the blender to make juices, smoothies, chop veggies, and cut ice.

Size and capacity

The NJ600 comes with a 72-ounce pitcher that is large enough to prepare smoothies for the whole family. You can make up to six or eight glasses of drinks with it at a go. Unlike other blenders with three or four blades this one comes with a massive six blades. This gives you enough power to cut through ice and turn it into flakes.

Control panel

Whether this is the first time operating a blender or you have been using them for years, it will take you a few seconds to learn how to operate the NJ600. All the blenders buttons are on the front and are clearly labeled. To simplify things you only have five buttons to guide your food preparation. This consist of three speed buttons and pulse option. You can use the low speeds for your soft ingredients and the higher ones for harder ingredients. The control panel for the NJ600 is simplified and this makes it easy to learn.

Space and Noise

Blenders can be bulky and this can pose challenges for you in terms of storage space. Some blenders are too big to fit in kitchen cabinets. The NJ600 is compact and portable measuring a decent 8”x7”x17”. You can easily fit it on your kitchen table top or countertop. You even have a chord storage that helps you to tuck the electric chords so that you do not face any entanglements. While the blender will produce some noise due to its powerful motor, it is not that much. You can prepare breakfast for your family without waking them up.

Safety measures and cleaning

The blender has some key safety features in place like you cannot operate the blender without the lid firmly in place. This is a good feature as it prevents spills all over the house during the blending process. The blender materials are also BPA safe and this means you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals interfering with your foods. Due to the quality of materials used in manufacturing the blender it will last for many years without you experiencing any breakages. Cleaning the blender should be a breeze as some parts are dishwasher safe. This means you can throw in your blades, lids, and pitcher into the dishwasher. For the most part you can do the cleaning manually. Make sure not to expose the electrical part of the blender to water. Gently wipe it with a damp cloth.

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What is the Ninja Blade technology?

This is innovative way in which the blades in the blender are placed so that they can ensure all the nutrients and juices are sucked out of your fruits and vegetables. The Ninja blades are made from stainless steel and this makes them sturdy and durable

Is 1000 watts of more enough?

You maybe wondering whether you can do much with 1000 watts considering their blenders with triple this amount of power but in reality 1000watts will cut through most of your ice and hard ingredients

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