Ninja Professional 1000w Blender – A Complete Review

This Ninja Professional 1000w blender was first introduced as a machine that totally crushes ice. To do this effectively the BL610 comes equipped with a powerful 1000 watts motor.

With a 64-ounce jar you are able to make smoothies and margaritas for the whole family at a go. The blender comes with 3 speed levels with pulse function. It also comes with great safety features that prevent spillage during the blending process. It’s parts are dishwasher and BPA safe. The Ninja BL610 comes in a sleek minimalistic design that makes it compact enough to fit in tight kitchen spaces.

What we like:

  • Simple to use and versatile
  • Total crushing technology
  • Simplified operation buttons
  • Safety features for disaster free blending

What we did not like:

  • Complaints that the jar breaks easily


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Ninja Professional 1000w Blender Specifications

Model Ninja BL610
Motor 1000 watts
Buttons Buttons (low;medium;high;pulse)
Jug capacity 64 oz.
Blades 6-stacked blades
Cord length 2.5 ft.
Warranty 1-year
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Ninja Professional 1000w Blender Features

Motor and Horsepower

To be able to crush ice effectively the BL610 comes with a powerful 1000-watt motor that operates more efficiently than others in its price range. The blender will keep crushing into ice and frozen fruits with amazing capability without slowing down. The motor power is enhanced with the Ninja BL610 total crushing blades. These are 6-stacked blades that are powerful enough for anything you throw at them. The blades are also made from stainless steel which keeps them rust free. They also last long. However, you should be careful when cleaning them as they are very sharp.

Ease of use

On the surface the Ninja BL610 is a massive blende, but this does not mean it’s complicated to use. You can detach its pitcher and blades for cleaning and it is dishwasher safe. You will also experience little problems with the buttons as they are clearly labeled and marked. The pitcher is transparent with clear markings and it is also comes with a slip proof handle. The Ninja Professional 1000w comes with a vertical inclination which means it can fit in most kitchen countertops. It is slightly heavier than your average blender and this means you can move it around as you wish. You can de-assemble the blender for easy cleaning as its parts are dishwasher safe. However, this does not mean you put the motor base unit into the dishwasher. You should use a damp cloth for cleaning this sensitive part. While doing manual cleaning of the blender keep a close eye on the blades as they are sharp.

Compact and noise

The Ninja BL610 is surprising quiet considering its size and motor power. This means you can prepare breakfast for the family without waking up everyone as you do so. The blender is also compact but with a more vertical inclination. This means it can fit is some kitchen countertops with some adjustments. However, you should note that the blender is heavier than your normal blender and this means it is not easy to move around.

Food processing

You can use the Ninja BL610 for the preparation of baby food, crushed ice, smoothies, nut milk, salad dressing, and sauces and dips. However, the blender does not do a good job at making hot soups, and processing dry ingredients.


The controls on the Ninja blender are quite simplified with five easy use buttons. You have your low, medium, and high. Then your power and pulse button. The buttons are well labeled and this makes the blender easy to use. The blender buttons are manual with digital buttons. The learning curve on the BL610 is quite small due to the limited functionalities.

Food preparation

The Ninja 1000w is quite easy to use. When you are blending soft ingredients like bananas or melons you press the first button while if you are working on harder ingredients like wheatgrass or aloe vera you go with the 3rd level. The cream of the pie is the ice crushing feature that allows you to make smoothies for many people at a go. If you desire controlled processing you go with the pulse function. The blender also does an amazing job when it comes to finely chopping nuts, spices or kneading.


When purchasing any electrical appliance it is equally important to understand the kind of warranty you are getting. This is to protect you should the device break down after purchase. The Ninja 1000w comes with a short 1-year warranty which is what most other industry blenders offer. If you feel this is not adequate you can go with a third party extended warranty. Most of the blenders parts are dishwasher and BPA safe and the blender is made from high grade plastic. This means it will last for long. When purchasing a blender online it is equally important to inquire whether it also comes with a money back guarantee. This allows you to return the product should you discover it was not what you ordered for.

Are there alternatives to the Ninja Professional 1000w Blender?

  • Ninja BL642
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen

Features of alternative Ninja Professional 1000w Blender

Model Ninja BL642 Ninja Mega kitchen JOYOUNG P552U
Wattage 1200 1100 1200
Container Size 72 oz. 72 oz.
Speed 3 automatic 4 manual 8 automatic
Availability Check Price Check Price Check Price

Verdict: So, should you buy the Ninja Professional 1000w Blender?

Yes, you should. The blender has being in the market for many years and this has led to its being classified as reliable and durable. With 1000 watts of power the blender is capable of cutting through a variety of ingredients including ice and frozen fruits.


Is the Ninja Professional 1000w blender easy to use?

Yes, it is. The buttons are well laid out and labeled. You only have five buttons on the motor base – low, medium, and high. You also have a pulse and power button

Can I crush ice with the Ninja 1000w blender?

The blender specialty is crushing ice, this is due to its total crushing blades.

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