The Best Heavy Duty Blenders – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

When looking for a heavy duty blender for commercial use, you need to consider the size of the motor, and the blender’s capacity to work long hours every day. So, which ones are best, and what sets them apart from the rest?

While blenders are essentially made to make your work around the kitchen a lot easier, a good number of brands and makes are unable to sustain hours of use on a daily basis. Some may present issues with their blades, while others come with substandard quality builds, and the main bulk of them jus do not have the motor capacity to handle. A commercial blender must always have a powerful motor as well as a properly built body. Here are a few of the best performing heavy duty blenders that are excellent for commercial settings.

The Best Heavy Duty Blenders Comparison Table

Product Name
Special Feature
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Breville BBL620SIL the Fresh and Furious Countertop Blender

1,800 watts

Compatible with Vac Q

Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Commercial Blender

1,800 watts

Works very quietly

Cleanblend Commercial Blender - 64 Oz Countertop Blender

1,800 watts

8-blade chopping system

Blendtec Designer 625 Blender

1,560 watts

Comes with touchscreen

The Best Heavy Duty Benders Products Review

Breville BBL620SIL the Fresh and Furious Countertop Blender – Compatible with Vac Q technology

Just as its name suggests, this blender is an incredibly powerful gadget that is ideal for handling large loads of work over extended periods of time. It boasts a powerful motor and blade system that make blending with it a breeze.

Key features

  • 1,800 watts motor
  • 50 Fl Oz shutter proof jug
  • 9 one touch programs
  • 5 speed settings
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Compatible with Vac Q
  • Comes with LCD display
  • Works quietly

One of the most noticeable characteristics of this jug, even though pretty powerful, is the fact that it comes with a jug that is considerably smaller than other models’ that share similar motor and blending capacities. However, this is not to mean that you cannot do large batches as the 50 Oz is not particularly too little.

Most impressive, perhaps, is the powerful 1,800 watts motor with which it comes. It allows the blender the capacity to power away and pulverize just about any material you require it to. You can do soft serves, soups, salsas, blend frozen fruit, crush ice cubes into snow within a couple minutes, and perform a whole bunch of other functions with lots of ease.

The powerful motor is made effective by the presence of very powerful stainless steel blades that are capable of handling even the toughest foods and roots. The blades feature reinforced steel that is very strong, eliminating the risk of bending or even breakage. As an advantage, stainless steel does not stain or produce off tastes over time, allowing you to maintain the integrity of the foods you are preparing, especially their taste and freshness.

For easy operation, this blender comes with 5 speed settings that are ideal for foods of varying texture, and for delivering varying textures after blending. In addition, the blender also comes with 9 pre-set programs that are essential for handling different types of foods as well as functions. The fact that this blender is compatible with Vac Q also makes it an incredible gadget. What Vac Q does is suck out all the air from the jug once you close it up. The lack of air during blending allows for great taste in your soups, smoothies and other foods when you process them in this blender.

Another impressive feature is that this blender is built to work quietly, thanks to noise dampening technology.


  • Has a very powerful motor
  • Comes with 9 preset programs
  • Has 5 variable speeds
  • Compatible with Vac Q technology
  • Works quietly


  • The pitcher could be a little bigger
  • It is pretty pricey


Even though the considerably small pitcher seems like a main drawback, the speed with which this blender has the ability to work makes up for that characteristic. It is an excellent tool for commercial settings as it can handle pressure with ease.


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Vitamix Commercial Blender – Works Very Quietly

Since powerful blenders have the tendency to get pretty loud, this particular model comes as a welcome change since it is designed to power away with very little noise, making sure that noise sensitive people can work easily.

Key features

  • 1,800 watts motor
  • 48 Fl Oz pitcher
  • 34 preset programs, 6 program buttons
  • Magnetically secured back cover
  • Up to 93 variable speeds
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Vibration dampening technology
  • High precision calibration

This product is specially designed and built to be used in commercial settings, but this is not to mean that you cannot have it in your home. It is fitted with a powerful 1,800 watts motor that allows this blender the capacity to handle all sorts of food on different points of the texture spectrum. You can be able to puree baby food, blend raw veggies super-fast and also crush ice into snow using the same machine.

The blender is fitted with stainless steel blades that are made to be very powerful and strong. They feature reinforced steel that essentially cuts through soft and tough foods with ease, and without the risk of bending or breaking. These blades also work on the food without altering its food, largely because they are inert and do not react with the air or food. This makes sure that your food maintains its actual taste even after processing.

When it comes to functions, this blender presents an impressive range of versatility. It comes with up to 34 preset programs, and a total of 6 buttons with which to select your preferred program. In addition, it offers up to 93 variable blending speeds that can be easily controlled by the touch of a button. This way, you can be sure to serve your customers in record time.

One of the main downsides to this blender is that it comes with a 48 Fl Oz pitcher that is considerably small. This means that it can be a challenge to make large batches of blends in one go, but the speed with which it works makes up for that shortcoming. The entire blender comes with a cover that is essential for keeping noise levels down. The noise is also kept low by noise dampening technology, making this device excellent for using even in public settings.

The pitcher also comes with highly accurate calibration which comes as a big advantage for businesses that focus on portion control.


  • Very powerful motor
  • 34 preset programs and 93 variable speeds
  • High precision calibration
  • Works very quietly
  • Powerful blades


  • This blender is very expensive


Even though this blender is very expensive, it makes sense for a high traffic business to have one as it is very fast and efficient, allowing you to serve your customers high quality products in a very short time.


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Cleanblend Commercial Countertop Blender – Comes with 8-blade Chopping System

This blender comes with a large pitcher, and it is also really fast, meaning that you can make large batches of soup, salsa, smoothies and other products in record time.

Key features

  • 1,800 watts motor
  • 64 Fl Oz pitcher
  • 14 variable blending speeds
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 8 blade chopping system
  • Highly versatile
  • Noise dampening technology

The manufacturers of this blender are so confident in their blender that they offer a moneyback guarantee within the first 30 days of use if you are not happy with its quality and performance. It is designed to handle loads of stress over extended periods of time, and this is what makes it an ideal heavy duty gadget to use in your home or business.

The base of this blender is fitted with a powerful 1,800 watt motor that is responsible for the ultra-high performance of this blender. To enable you to achieve different textures from different foods, this blender comes with 14 variable speeds that are easily adjustable through a dial fitted in the front panel of the blender. One notable characteristic of this blender is that it does not come with any preset programs, but different speeds allow for different textures.

For easy and fast blending, this device comes with an 8 blade chopping system that works to liquify and pulverize your foods with speed and uniformity. The blades are made using stainless steel, making them strong and powerful, and giving them the ability to produce fresh products.

This blender is also highly versatile, and with it, you can be able to perform such functions as puree, chop veggies, grind seeds and pulses, crush ice and make a wide range of foods. The fact that it comes with noise dampening technology makes it ideal to use for long periods of time, and even in public spaces.


  • Very powerful motor
  • Comes with 14 variable speeds
  • Highly versatile
  • Comes with an 8 blade chopping system
  • Works quietly


  • Does not come with preset programs


This blender is versatile, powerful and highly reliable, making it an ideal tool to use on environments where you are constantly blending, chopping, making purees and crushing ice into snow.


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Blendtec Designer 625 Blender – Comes With A Touchscreen

This blender combines power, versatility and style to make it a highly unique gadget for using in your home or in your business. It comes with a list of impressive features, and an 8 year warranty to boot.

Key features

  • 1,560 watts motor
  • 90 Oz jug
  • Touch screen
  • Patented stainless steel blades
  • 4 preset programs
  • 6 speed settings
  • Noise dampening technology

The Blendtec Designer 625 Blender is a high performance device that comes with a beautiful build which makes it look very stylish and a lot less commercial. However, it works like a beast, thanks to its powerful motor and stainless steel blades combination.

This blender operates on a 1,560 watts motor which is very powerful, and that drives the blades at incredibly high speeds. You can trust it to handle ice and other overly tough items that would not be too easy for other blenders to handle. In addition, it is fitted with a stainless steel blade system that is patented due to its extra thickness that makes it very strong. The blades are made to handle all sorts of food right from the softest to the toughest.

With its 90 Oz pitcher, you can be able to make large batches of products at the same time, making it ideal for commercial settings. In addition, it comes with 4 preset programs that allow you to perform different functions with ease. This, combined with the 6 variable speed settings, makes this blender a lot easier to use.

The most unique feature on this device is the touch panel that allows for easy navigation. It is also very easy to clean. As a big advantage, this device comes with noise dampening technology that is excellent for public places and lengthy use.


  • Very powerful
  • Large pitcher
  • Has a touch control panel
  • Variable speeds
  • Quiet


  • A bit on the expensive side


If you are all about style and performance, this is the gadget for you. It can handle a whole load of work and still look great while at it.


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Buying a Heavy Duty Blender – What to look out for


Go for a high wattage blender that will allow you to handle large volumes of work without straining. Try and get one that is 1,500 watts and above.

Pitcher capacity

If you are looking to produce in bulk, buy a blender with a large jug that is at least 64 Oz.

Blade system

Go for a gadget that has an elaborate blade system that is comprised on tough stainless steel blades for the best results.

Final Verdict

Heavy duty blenders can be very expensive, and it is important to know whether or not your preferred gadget is worth its cost. If you are on a budget, try as best as you can not to compromise on such things as the motor and blade system since at the end of the day, these are the features that determine how fast and efficiently your blender is going to work.

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