Vitamix 750 pro vs. 7500 – Which One is The Best?

Vitamix 750 pro vs. 7500 – A complete overview of both the 750 Pro and the 7500 model. 

Blenders are lifesavers when it comes to making quick meals and drinks. They allow you to blend, grind, and heat up meals fast. However, choosing the wrong blender can turn out disastrous for you as you may find yourself with a unit that constantly breaks down or one that is too noisy. Vitamix has established itself over the years as a trustworthy brand when it comes to blenders. If you are torn between the 750 and 7500, read on.

What are the differences between the Vitamix 750 pro and 7500?

Model Vitamix 7500 750
Motor Fan cooled 2.2 HP Fan cooled 2.2 HP
Pitcher size 64 oz. 64 oz.
Blender height 17.5” 17.5”
Preset options No 5
Color options Black, red, white Black, red, stainless steel
Speed control 1-10 1-10
Availability Check Price Check Price

Vitamix 750 pro vs. 7500 – How do they compare?

Preset buttons

One key difference between these two is that the Vitamix 750 comes with 5 preset buttons while the Vitamix 7500 has none. These preset buttons are there for attaining blending consistency and self-cleaning. Preset buttons give you greater flexibility and ease of use as you can set the blender to perform a certain course of action like puree while you do other things.

Once the pureeing is done the blender will automatically turn the function of. This means you do not have to stand over the blender so that you can press stop. Both blenders are easy to operate as you only have three controls on the surface. You have the pulse function, variable speed control and the toggle on/off button. As mentioned the Vitamix 750 also comes with 5 preset settings located on the variable speed button.

Whenever you want to prepare a dish you simply rotate the dial to the required speed and the blender will do all the work. You can also get a better consistency via the pulse button.

Finish and colors

The Vitamix 750 is described as a professional blender while the 7500 is the standard model. It’s available in two color options; black and copper metal finish. The Vitamix 7500 comes in less attractive colors of white, black, and red. Overall, the Vitamix 750 is more appealing than the Vitamix 7500.

The offered DVD and recipe book are quite different for both models. Both blenders come with 64 ounce pitchers which are large enough to hold smoothies for a large family. You do not need to blend in batches. At the bottom of the blender you have redesigned G-series blades that are shaped in such a way as to give you a consistent blend. The blades are made from hardened steel and this means they can handle any ingredient you throw at them.


Both models spot a 2.2HP motor with built-in cooling fans, noise dampening controls, and capabilities for long operation. The 2.2HP motor is equivalent to 1560 watts, which is a lot of power to crush through ice and other hard ingredients. As to the noise levels when compared to other models, it is safe to say that the blenders are quiet. This does not mean all noise is eliminated but it is reduced. The powerful motors still produce considerable noise.

Easy clean up

The Vitamix 750 is easier to clean due to the preset buttons. All you need to do for self-cleaning is pour in some warm water and soap into the pitcher and press the clean dial and you are good to go. The blender will automatically shut its self-off once done.

Vitamix 750 pro vs. 7500 – A Comparison Overview?

Vitamix 750 pro – Overview

The Vitamix 750 Professional is a high quality blender with a powerful 2.2HP motor. The blender is capable of a wide variety of functions like making hot soups, nut butters, frozen desserts, and baby food. It comes with five pre-programmed settings that ensure you can prepare your foods while away.

You also get a 10 variable speed control with puree functionality. The Vitamix 750 pro comes with low profile 64-ounce container, which allows you to make smoothies for the whole family at a go. It is also self-cleaning and this saves you time for cleaning. The blending process is done via hardened stainless steel blades that are capable of cutting through hard ingredients and ice. The blades ensure you get the same consistency from start to finish.


  • Preset buttons
  • Variable speed control
  • High capacity 64-ounce container
  • Hardened stainless steel blades


  • Can be quite noisy


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Vitamix 7500 – Overview

The Vitamix 7500 comes with various blending options like chop, heat, blend, grind, and emulsify. Power is delivered via 2.2HP motor. The 7500 comes with 10 variable speed control that ensures you get the right texture during blending. It also comes with a pulse button and this will allow you to make smooth purees. Hardened stainless steel blades that cut through hard ingredients like ice and nuts support the Vitamix 7500 motor. For noise reduction, the blender comes with cooling fan and thermal protection system.


  • High motor power
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • High capacity pitcher
  • Variable speed control
  • Pulse feature


  • Lacks preset buttons


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Verdict: So,Vitamix 750 pro vs. 7500 which one is better?

Our winner is the Vitamix 750 due to its 5 preset options. With these buttons you are able to make a variety of meals without being present to control the blender. Once the blender is done it will come to a stop automatically. All the other features like motor power and pitcher capacity as the same for both blenders.


Can the Vitamix 750 be used for making icy drinks?

Yes, it can. The powerful 2.2HP motor is capable of cutting through a host of hard ingredients including ice and nuts.

How noisy is the Vitamix 7500 blender?

The blender comes equipped with special noise dampening and fan cooling technology. This helps keep the noise levels lower than your normal blender. The motor also self-cools and this allows it to operate for longer periods without breaking down.

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