Vitamix Blender Comparison: (Top 5 Review)

Everyone needs a blender in their kitchen. They are a lifesaver in different situations. Suppose you have guests over for lunch or dinner. And you want to make smoothies or a dipping sauce to go with your roasted taters. Well, you need a blender to do that job for you.

You can try and mash them up using a pestle and mortar. But you will not get the same consistency as you would with a blender.

Choosing The Perfect Blender Can Be difficult – We Are here To Help

And you want to know which one to choose. There are plenty of blenders in the market. First, we have cheap and generic portable blenders made of low-grade materials. Next, we have the mid-range ones, which do a fairly good job. And then we have the high-end, expensive ones made of the best materials. Some of them even have military-grade components.

Vitamix Blenders

One such brand that is known for delivering quality products is Vitamix. They are an American blender manufacturer based in Ohio. If you have used their products, you know what we are talking about. They are some of the best in the world.

Vitamix blenders are a favorite for many consumers and well-known chefs or cooks worldwide. They have received rave reviews with each product they roll out.

Today we will review and compare five of the consumer’s favorite blenders. And the contenders are:

  • Vitamix A2300 (Best Overall)
  • Vitamix A3300 (Best Budget-Friendly)
  • Vitamix 5300 (Best Portable Blender)
  • Vitamix A2500 (Best Value)
  • Vitamix A3500 (Best Rated)

We have four from their Ascent series and one from the C-series line (Classic series). So, let us dive right in.

Vitamix A2300

The first on our list is the Vitamix A2300. It was first launched in 2016 as part of the Ascent™ line of blenders. This series combines the top features from previous devices and puts it all in one blender. And the A2300 is a workhorse at an attractive price. Let us find out more about this product.

Hardened Stainless Steel Blades

First, let us talk about the blades. It comes with hardened stainless steel blades for smooth and consistent blending of every ingredient. And you can adjust the texture of any dish with the Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature.

Whether you are making salsas or purees, this feature comes in handy. All these take place inside the 64-ounce container, suitable for every occasion.

Can Be Used Via The Vitamix App

It also has built-in wireless connectivity. The motor can now adjust the blend time automatically. Plus, you can connect your A2300 with the Vitamix Perfect Blend app to unlock its full potential. It has over 500 recipes and 17 programs for you to explore.

Built In Digital Timer

A built-in digital timer also lets you know how to process different recipes manually. Do not waste time guessing and leave it for the A2300 to decide. What’s more, you can pair any Self-Detect container with this device. Hence, you are free to customize it according to your needs.

Overall, the A2300 is a well-built blender. It performs well with smoothies, ice crushing, making sauces, etc. Heating soups also gets easy with the blade friction heating feature. However, you need a larger cabinet to store it due to its bulky structure. It will take up a lot of your countertop space. Also, blending leafy veggies does not produce satisfactory results. It comes out slightly grainy.

Highlights of the A2300:

·      10 variable speed controls for speed adjustment

·      Built-in wireless connectivity and timer saves time

·      Pulse Feature allows better texture adjustment


·      Built with robust materials

·      Cool-Running and high-performance motor

·      10-year warranty

·      Self-cleaning

·      Blade friction heating


·      It is noisy

·      Bulky size

·      Detection technology is slow to respond

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Vitamix A3300

Another excellent product in the Ascent series is the A3300. It has all the features of the A2300 and more. At first glance, you will notice how sleek this blender looks. This is complemented by its smooth touchscreen interface, which gives you total control. However, it is essential to note that you won’t have presets on the device itself. For that, you have to download and install the Vitamix Perfect Blend app.

Wireless Connectivity

You can customize every recipe using the built-in wireless connectivity. Through this, you can set your blending timer appropriately and let the machine do its job. Once your dish is done, it will shut down automatically. Combine this with 19 different speed settings and pulse features to achieve spot-on textures. You won’t have to deal with overdone or under-processed dishes any more.

Large 64-Ounce Container

The A3300 features a sizeable 64-ounce container. This is enough to make smoothies or juices for the entire family. However, you need a large cabinet to store it. You can’t have it taking up precious space on the counter. Plus, closing the lid becomes problematic at times.

As with any A-series, you can use multiple Self-Detect containers with the A3300. Whether you want to use smaller or medium-sized jugs, the blender will welcome it. This makes it excellent for personal use or the whole family.

Built To Last

The A3300 has robust components, which makes it a long-term investment. It will last you for years to come. The built-in wireless connectivity feature is a handy feature that gives access to numerous features. The stainless steel blades also pass the ice and solid food crushing test. All in all, it is another excellent product from Vitamix.

Highlights of the A3300:

·      Sleek touchscreen interface display allows multiple access.

·      Built-in digital timer and wireless connectivity for customizing options.

·      Self-Detect™ technology for matching containers.

·      A versatile device suitable for blending smoothies as well as heating soups.


·      High-quality components

·      Self-cleaning and dishwasher safe

·      Blade friction heating

·      10-year full warranty


·      The lid needs precise adjustment; otherwise, it can fail

·      It takes up a lot of space

·      The touchscreen display is irresponsive sometimes

·      No presets on the control panel

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Vitamix 5300

We will now shift our attention towards the Vitamix 5300. This blender is the odd one out of this comparison list. Of course, it is another reputable product from Vitamix. But this one is from their Classic series or C-series.

Non-Techy But Still Functional

If you are looking for a standard yet multi-functional blender, the 5300 is the best option. It is also the most beloved of the C-series because of its simplicity and versatility. The blender does not feature fancy or “techy” buttons and menus. Hence, you can operate it without referring to the manual.

The 5300 is also reasonably small compared to other products in this list. So, we can use it as a portable blender if we want.

Easy To Use Speed Dial

Looking at the control panel, you will find just the essential knobs. It features a 10-speed dial, pulse knob, and an on/off switch. It doesn’t get as simple as that. Plus, compared to the others, the 5300 is smaller in size. Hence, you won’t face many problems finding a space on the kitchen countertop.

High Powered Motor

The 64-ounce jar meets all your needs. Whether you are dining alone or throwing a small party, that capacity is sufficient. The 2.2 horsepower motor propels the blades at variable speeds to give you different textures. But keep in mind that it finds difficulty in blending fibrous food items.

Despite not having fancy features, the 5300 does everything you need. It is a robust ice-crushing device with its stainless steel blades and a powerful motor. But for making smoothies, it only gives an average result. Grinding ingredients like leafy vegetables also produce chunks and grains. And if you are a regular user, there are better options out there.

That said, we can compliment its ease of use and storage capabilities. The simple interface with the essential functions is all you need in your kitchen. Get this one if you are searching for something practical and budget-friendly.

Highlights of the 5300:

·      Durable materials for prolonged usage.

·      Powerful motor for grinding and blending multiple ingredients

·      Large 64-ounce BPA-free container


·      Simple yet versatile design

·      High-quality components

·      7-year full warranty

·      Easy self-cleaning


·      Not suitable for fibrous food

·      Not dishwasher safe

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Vitamix A2500

The following product is another fine blending machine from Vitamix’s Ascent series. The A2500 is another well-performing model. It is often compared with the A2300 because they are similar in design and features. The only difference is that the former has the presets on the device panel.

The A2500 has everything that the Ascent series promises in terms of design. You have the built-in connectivity which can detect the container size you are using. An automatic reader detects the size and adjusts the appropriate blending speed and program settings.

10 Speed Dial Setting

You also have the 10-speed dial setting to adjust the blade speed to your preference. Coupled with the pulse speed and built-in timer, you can get any texture you want with your dishes.

Convenient And Easy To Operate

Another neat feature with the A2500 is the three pre-programmed settings. Now you can make smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts hands-free. Just choose your options and let the blender work its magic. It doesn’t get more convenient than that. Plus, you will have access to more program settings by connecting the device with the Vitamix Perfect Blend app via Bluetooth.

And as you would expect with this series, it has the Self-Detect compatibility. You can buy a range of compatible beakers and use them with this blender. There are multiple containers for individual use or even a large family. This would “blend” well with the 64-ounce jar the device comes with.

Advanced Ice Crushing

All in all, the A2500 does not disappoint. It functions smoothly as it looks. The sturdy blades will crush your ice into a “snowy” consistency perfect for smoothies. It is an excellent mid-priced product for those looking to spend a few extra bucks. However, you must clean up your kitchen cabinet. The A2500 is quite tall and large and takes up a lot of space.

Highlights of the A2500:

·      Three pre-programmed settings for your convenience.

·      Wireless connectivity and a digital timer unlock many features.

·      Self-Detect™ compatibility allows the use of multi-sized containers.

·      Comes with a large 64-ounce jar for various needs.


·      Blade friction heating for heating soups

·      Physical program settings available on the control panel for ease of use

·      Dishwasher safe and self-cleaning

·      Premium quality materials and components


·      Ingredients stick to the jar

·      Requires big storage space

·      It does not stop automatically after it finishes blending the contents

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Vitamix A3500

The final product in our comparison list is also the most expensive one. We are talking about the Vitamix A3500. This particular model is the first choice for many buyers in their Ascent™ series. You will also find them in many professional kitchens and retail food chains.

Most Advanced Blender

And the reason for this is because the A3500 is rich in features. This model features every single feature you get in the other Ascent series models and more. No wonder it is the costliest device in their catalog. Let’s review these neat features.

Pre-Programmed Settings

You can save a ton of time and effort with the pre-programmed settings. You can pick from five options, i.e., hot soup, smoothie, frozen desserts, dips and spreads, and self-cleaning. Set it according to your desires and go on about your day without worries. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity provides access to over 12 more preset functions. You won’t find it in any other Vitamix blender.

High Class Safety Features

Safety comes first, and with the A3500, this is evident with the Self-Detect feature. If you try to heat soups with a non-ventilated container, the feature reads the cup size and shuts off the function. This is vital as heating soups require ventilation to prevent overflowing.

In addition, this technology adjusts the RPM and blend time according to the jug size. You can use these multiple containers for different functions like emulsifying oils, grinding grains, mixing batter, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Various Colors Available

And we know it is just for aesthetic purposes, but the A3500 is available in more colors than the other models. You can choose from black stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, graphite, candy apple, copper, and white.

Tough To Find Any Flaws With This Model

We tried looking for any flaws in the A3500. But there weren’t any noticeable setbacks. It performs the best in grinding ice and making silky-rich smoothies. Also, because of the solid metal bottom, it tends to produce less motor noise. Overall, it is a premium product with every feature you want in a blender.

The only setbacks are its dimensions and price. It is heavy to move around and store. So, be ready to renovate your cabinet if you want to store it. Plus, if you don’t use a blender regularly, this option is not for you. You can go for the others on this list.

Highlights of the A3500:

·      Five pre-programmed settings on the panel + 12 more on the app.

·      Self-Detect™ recognizes various container sizes.

·      A 64-ounce container meets all your blending needs.


·      Interactive touchscreen interface

·      Less noisy

·      Made with premium materials

·      Metallic finish for sound dampening and easy cleaning

·      Self-cleaning and dishwasher safe


·      Does not produce consistency with fibrous food items

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Vitamix Blender Comparison: Which One Works Best?

Now that we have gone through all five models, it is time to pick which one works best for different categories. And they are:

·      Best overall blender – Vitamix A3500

As far as the best overall blender goes, the A3500 takes the cake. It has everything you could ask for in a blender. And like its price tag, it gives you many features and functions. With this tool in the kitchen, you are bound to have a lot of fun trying different recipes.

Yes, we know it is costly. But what else can you expect from such a feature-rich appliance? In addition, you get components made from the best materials. We can assure you that it will last you a very long time if you handle it properly.

The A3500 is also the first choice for professionals. Several celebrity chefs and YouTube influencer cooks have cited the A3500 as the best blender in their kitchen. No wonder they have multiple high ratings and rave reviews online. It takes home the “best overall” trophy in this list.

·      Best budget-friendly blender – Vitamix A2300

Technically speaking, no device on this list qualifies as the “cheapest.” After all, they are all from a high-end brand like Vitamix. But if we were to choose one that won’t break the bank, we suggest the Vitamix A2300.

This model is the cheapest in the Ascent™ series. It retails around $500 on the Vitamix website. But you may be able to get it even cheaper during sales on Amazon or BestBuy. (Click here to check the latest prices)

However, let us not underestimate the versatility of the A2300. It is a blender that will meet your every need. What’s more, you get all the fancy Ascent™ features at such a reasonable price. We are trying to save money as well as time and effort with this model. So, we suggest the A2300 for those who do not want to burn a hole in their pocket.

·      Best portable blender – Vitamix 5300

Every blender in this list is similar in design and structure. However, if you want to invest in the most compact one, go for the 5300. It saves quite a lot of cabinet and countertop space.

This model is compact as well as simple in design. You don’t have access to all the touchscreen or pre-programmed features like the others in our list. All you get is the speed adjustment dial, pulse knob, and an on/off switch. The 5300 is also the best-rated and first-choice blender in the Classic series.

But as far as performance goes, it gets the job done. And all these with a space-saving profile. If you live alone in a small apartment or do not entertain guests much, the 5300 will do the job. It is the best blender without the latest technology you can buy from this list

·      Best value blender – Vitamix A2500

If we were to choose the blender with the most value, the A2500 is the obvious choice. Firstly, you get all the features that the other models have with the A2500. And we have mentioned how convenient it is to have the pre-programmed settings on the control panel.

You have all the latest technology and functions packed together with a tempting price tag. Who wouldn’t want that?

It is also a mid-priced blender – not cheap but also not crazy expensive. It sits right in between the affordable and costly range. And if you are lucky, you can find them even cheaper during sales. Hence, we suggest that you get this one if you are looking for value at a reasonable price.

·      Best rated – Vitamix A3300

Despite not having the panel features we talked about, the Vitamix A3300 qualifies as the best-rated blender. In fact, it has all the features that can make it a flagship model.

You have Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to access over 17 different program functions. Put them to use using the 500+ recipes that come with the interactive app. Plus, with the automatic timer, you can multitask without tension.

Smart functionality, along with a smart design, makes it a top-rated blender.

Overview of the Vitamix Brand

Vitamix is a heavyweight in the realm of blender manufacturers. Over the years, they have come up with several top-rated and award-winning blenders. Professionals love them for their design, functionality, and built quality. And if you’re wondering if they’re worth the hype, the answer is yes. They are versatile, powerful, and more durable than other manufacturers.

There are various models in the Vitamix line of blenders. We can separate them into two primary categories:

·      Classic blenders

The classic models have a modest and straightforward design. They do not have the latest technology and innovative features. However, they are powerful devices guaranteed to perform well and last long.

·      Smart System blenders

These models come equipped with state-of-the-art features such as touchscreen controls, Self-Detect™, etc. They also have the best warranty.

What Makes Them One of the Best?

Now, let us look at what makes Vitamix a top contender in the blender business.

·      Versatility – They are versatile in design and function. One blender does everything for you. Whether it is chopping, blending, emulsifying, etc., there is denying its capabilities. Plus, there is the infamous blade friction heating feature that can turn cold broths into boiling in minutes.

·      User-friendly – With Vitamix blenders, you can save a ton of time. You can get around the different functions and knobs as they are appropriately labeled. You won’t even need to refer to the manual.

·      Great warranty – With the Smart System models, you can get a full 10-year warranty. Other models come with a 5 or 7-year warranty. And because they’re so well-built, only 1% of Vitamix blenders have been returned.

·      Robust components – Vitamix blenders are made using only the toughest material and components. They feature powerful motors, stainless steel blades, BPA-free containers, etc. No wonder they feel premium and last longer than other brands.

·      Excellent customer service – If you have any queries, you can give Vitamix a call. Their customer service is top-notch and available 24/7 to assist you.

Vitamix e320

Closing Thoughts

If you’re interested in buying a Vitamix blender, go ahead. You won’t be disappointed. After all, you’re investing in a quality product that will last you several years. Plus, you’re not just buying a blender but an all-purpose kitchen appliance, so to say.

You want to make the right choice while purchasing a Vitamix blender. And we hope this comparison list helps you find the right one.

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