Vitamix e320 review | A Powerful And Easy To Clean Blender!

The Vitamix e320 is a full sized blender (64 oz. container) with a variable speed button. It also comes with an impressive 7-year full warranty. The operation buttons have being simplified by having just three parts – 10-speed button, pulse button and the power button. The full sized blender comes in handy as it enables you to makes smoothies for the whole family at one go. The 1,500-watt motor does a great job of cutting through ice and other hard ingredients like nuts. Vitamix is a fourth generation family owned American company with a long history of making high quality products. The Vitamix e320 is no exception. What we liked:

What we did not like:

  • At full power can be noisier than other blenders
  • You may find some bits of food in between switches


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Vitamix e320 Specifications

Model Vitamix e320
Dimensions 11”x17”x8”
Pitcher size 64 oz.
Container material BPA free hardened plastic
Blades 4” stainless steel wet blades
Power 2.2 HP (1,500watts)
Electrical 120V, 50-60Hz, 12Amps
Weight 10.5lbs.

Vitamix e320 Features

Large 64 oz. container

The 64 oz. container is the perfect size for a large family. You can make huge quantities of smoothies for the whole family or prepare more for storage.

High Powered motor

The Vitamix e320 has a power rating of 1,440 watts (120v and 12amps) and this makes it quite capable of cutting through ice and hard ingredients like nuts. According, to the manufacturers it has a peak power of 2.2 HP.

Simple to use controls

Firstly, you can get the Vitamix e320 in two colors –red and black. You do not see this colors on the face or container but they appear on the blender base around the control panel. The Vitamix e320 panel is quite simple and uncluttered with only three controls – pulse button, speed button and power button. This reduces the learning curve as you can use it as a beginner. The lowest speed is 1 and the highest is 10. You rotate the speed in a clockwise manner.

Automatic overload protection:

Most of the Vitamix blenders in the market come with a thermal protection system that will automatically shut off the motor when it detects signs of overheating. This keeps your motor going for years and protects your ingredients from being stuck in the blender. To do this Vitamix has designed vents in the motor base that cool off the motor at high speeds. If the automatic overload protection has gone off you will have to wait for a few minutes while the blender cools off before starting again.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the Vitamix e320 is easy with some soap and warm water. To clean the blender fill it with warm water and some soap. Run the variable speed control dial to the lowest speeds and incrementally increase the speed to the highest settings with 60 seconds. Drain the soapy water and give the blender a good rinse

Multiple food preparation

There are a host of foods you can prepare with your Vitamix e320 blender. You can use it as hot stove to prepare soups. Due to the friction of the blades heat is generated and you can have your hot bowl of soup in less than 10 minutes. The blender can also be used for making frozen desserts just put all your ingredients into a bowl and switch on your machine for ice cream. Grinding of nuts and coffee beans has never being this easy with the Vitamin e320. Due to its high motor power and sharp stainless steel blades you should be able to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee each morning. That’s not all, the blender can be used for making spreads and dips as well as salad dressing.

Are there alternatives to the Vitamix e320 review?

  • Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series smart blender
  • Oster BLSTSS –CB2-000 Pro Blender
  • JOYOUNG Blender with LED touchscreen


What kind of foods can I prepare with the Vitamix e320?

You can make many types of drinks with it plus nut butter, crushed ice, baby food, hot soup, dough, salad dressing, nut milk, smoothie bowls, frozen desserts, ground coffee among others

How easy is to use the Vitamix e320?

The blender offers you a short learning curve as it has only three easy to use controls. You have the pulse button, a 10-speed button and the power button. However, the blender lacks preset buttons.

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