Why Ninja Blender Won’t Turn On | The Best Guide To Ensure Your Blender Runs Perfectly!

Reasons why your Ninja blender won’t turn on

If you’ve ever prepared all the ingredients you need to make your favorite smoothie only to find that your blender won’t turn on, then you know how infuriating this can be. And while Ninja blenders are designed with excellence, you may still run into trouble with them.

Ninja blenders are very easy and convenient to use and a lot of people prefer to use them because of their pulverizing power. However, you can get frustrated if the blender fails to turn on when you need it the most. Being an effective juicing appliance, why won’t your ninja blender turn on? There are many reasons why it won’t turn on including improper assembly, overheating, overfilled blender, loose lid, or it’s not plugged in.

Not plugged in

This may sound silly, but if your appliance isn’t plugged in you’ll not be able to turn it on. So, make sure the power cord is properly plugged into the power socket and the power is turned on.


This is a big problem that affects all the electrical machines and equipment that you use. At one time or another, it will overheat. For your blender, if you blend something that’s too hard, it means your blender will be on for a longer period which will put a strain on the motor and cause it to overheat. To avoid this wait for 15-20 minutes for it to cool down before you can reuse your blender and don’t use it while it hot.

Wrong assembly

Although Ninja blenders come with an instruction manual on how to assemble the components, sometimes you might get it wrong and this will cause your blender not to turn on. Make sure you’ve put the pitcher, blades, and lid in their correct order by checking your instruction manual.

Loose lid

A Ninja blender is designed not to operate unless the lid is tightly in place. This is to help prevent any unexpected splatters or spillage when the blades are rotating at high speeds. To avoid this, check if there are any food particles around the lid and clean it, then replace the lid and check if the white arrows are aligned.

Power source

If your blender shows no sign of connectivity and the power light isn’t on, there could be a problem with the electrical cord or the power outlet. If your blender is new, the problem could be your power source or if it’s a bit older it could be the power cord. You can test your power outlet by plugging another appliance in the same outlet and if it doesn’t work, reset the circuit breaker or call a professional electrician. If you have a broken power cord, consult your manual for proper cord replacement.

Overfilled blender

If you overfill the blender jar it can cause the motor not to work properly and this will prevent your blender from turning on. Remove some of the ingredients and fill it up to ¾ of the container. Once you start blending you can add the rest of the ingredients slowly.

Other Ninja blender problems and fixes

Problems Causes Fixes
Pitcher isn’t locked correctly Misaligned pitcher with interlock system Ninja has safeguards that ensure the pitcher stays in place when in use. Make sure the built-in interlock feature locks the pitcher correctly or it will cause a flashing light and not turn on.
Handle won’t go down and won’t lock The handle may not be properly aligned with the pitcher. Check if the small arrows are correctly aligned and that you rotate the jar correctly so that the locking pins can fit in the holes.
Blades aren’t turning properly A jam inside the base of the unit Open up the base of the unit and clean any debris in the shaft
No power indicator light Might not be plugged in or a blown fuse Check if you’ve plugged in the blender properly and the electrical breaker that serves the kitchen outlets is working. Also, check the fuse in the blender to make sure it’s not blown.

Why is my Ninja blender on but won’t blend?

This is a very common problem that you can easily fix. If your blender is on but the blades aren’t moving, it’s usually because the blender is overfull. Ninja blenders may be powerful, but they can’t work properly if they’re overloaded so, you’ll need to remove some of the food to allow for movement. You can also add a bit of water if the blades are struggling to move because the mixture is too thick.

If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to check under the blades. There could be some food particles stuck underneath preventing the blades from spinning.

How to turn on your Ninja blender

  • Align the empty pitcher with the blender’s base so the corners for a diamond, twist it clockwise until you hear a click.
  • Place the stacked blades into the pitcher at the top of the blade gear. Hold the blades using the top of the shaft since they’re very sharp and can easily cause injuries if not properly handled.
  • Place the lid on top of the pitcher, but make sure the arrows on the lid align with the arrows on the pitcher handle. If you position the lid properly, twist it until you hear a click.
  • You’ll know you’ve properly assembled your blender if the red light on the power button doesn’t blink.


Ninja blenders are very efficient when you want to make a quick, consistent and delicious smoothie. However, if it doesn’t turn on it could be because it’s not plugged in, the lid isn’t locked properly, overheating, or defective power cord or source. And all these problems have very simple solutions.


How reliable are Ninja blenders?

Ninja blenders have an impressive quality build and although they’re made of plastic, they’re solid and very durable, and easy to clean.

Why is my Ninja blender buzzing?

This can be a result of damage in the base that could be cracked or broken and this causes the jar not to seat properly on the motor base.

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